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Sign me up for Yacht Week

17 Nov

I realize this video is old but I’m coming across an astounding number of people who haven’t seen it or heard of this yet.  This is literally the best advertisement I’ve ever seen.  Obviously, all they had to say was “hey do you want to rent a yacht and party with hot girls cruising around Europe for two weeks, and then pull up to other yachts with other hot girls?” and everyone would be in.  But they had to go ahead and make an incredible video showing what we are missing.  If I don’t do this in my life my tombstone is going to say “Died of regret from not going on Yacht Week.”  I’m pretty sure 95% of my daily thoughts are related to this at this point.

Guest Post: The Best Mediterranean Cruises for TwentySomethings

22 Sep

A few weeks back, we had a guest writer profile the best Caribbean cruises for men in their twenties like us.  However, that post left out a key section of the world: Europe.  Ever since every college student in the country starting going abroad to Europe, guys in their early twenties have been wanting to go back to Europe once they start working.  But forget spending romantic evenings in Tuscany, most want to go to things like Yacht Week, a week long binge drinking affair with strange exotic girls.  That’s why we brought in a guest writer from a UK-based travel agency to write about the best Mediterrean cruises for twentysomethings. Enjoy.

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