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National Championship Cheerleader Matchup: UConn vs. Butler

4 Apr

Throughout all time, many of the great discoveries in history have come by accident.  Columbus was just trying to find a faster way to Asia when he hit America instead.  Newton was just trying to hang out under an apple tree for awhile when he discovered gravity.  And now, we here at NSD were just trying to put up some pictures of some hot cheerleaders during March Madness when we discovered perhaps the greatest algorithm for predicting games of all time.  While going into the tournament I personally had held onto the common belief that cheerleaders contribute nothing to the actual game of play, it turns out that the team with the less attractive cheerleaders has won each of the games we previewed this month.

While our algorithm has been perfect, national pundits are still confused as to why it rings true.  Some have hypothesized that the more attractive the cheerleaders, the more distracted the players are during the games staring at them in their skirts.  Others have put forth the notion that with attractive cheerleaders comes relationships with players and potential stage five clingers, a distraction that singlehandedly sunk BYU with its way-too-hot for a Morman school squad.  But onto tonight’s game, the best test yet for our rule.  First, Butler, with its mediocre-at-best cheerleading squad, has made an amazing run, knocking off hot girl superpowers such as Florida in the process.  UConn, however, has an incredibly attractive bunch, and only were able to continue our algorithm’s Cinderalla story by losing to Kentucky in our “who’s hotter” poll on Friday.  If only ignorant Cats fans could have swallowed their pride and admitted their cheerleaders were busted, maybe Calipari could have had another chance to win a championship and have it vacated in 3 years for NCAA violations.  Tonight is the ultimate test for NSD.  Butler wins it.    Cast your votes after the jump.

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Final Four Cheerleader Matchup of the Day: UConn vs. Kentucky

1 Apr

You never know what you are gonna get when you search for a school’s cheerleaders in Google (unless the school is USC or UCLA). Some schools, like VCU or Butler, yield results along the lines of what’s expected (mediocre girls across the board), while other schools, like Kentucky, seriously underwhelm your expectations. Type Kentucky in Google and find an attractive girl, I dare you. However, once in awhile a school shatters your low expectations (which mine were for UConn) and delivers an abundance of hot girls to choose from. What I expected would be a VCU-esque eight hour marathon of searching was finished in about 30 seconds, when I found this picture of just one of UConn’s many hot girls. Sports Illustrated even ran a 30 picture slideshow last week just focused on the school’s various cheerleaders. While UConn overachieves both here and in the tournament, Kentucky continues to disappoint in the cheerleader department.
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