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Faceoff of the Week: Bar Refaeli vs. Blake Lively

20 May

Through time, one of the age-old questions that has plagued men has been what to do about women.  A caveman in his youth (we’ll call him BamBam here) enjoyed the pleasures of many women in the village, getting to sample a little of each before finding their lifelong mate.  As BamBam settled into his life of monogamy, at first it went great, as they enjoyed the many pleasures of a long-term relationship.  But over time his mind began to wander.  Why couldn’t he still sample around a little if he wanted?  What was the harm?  As everyone knows, this single thought by young BamBam eventually caused the obliteration of man and the first great ice age. But the new generation is once again plagued by this problem.  One man, Leonardo DiCaprio, seems to have it all figured out.  DiCaprio has sampled some of the best in the world for years, being photographed arm in arm with dozens of supermodels on his yacht (sounds like a normal Tuesday to me). But he’s also enjoyed all of the pleasures of monogamy as well, with girls like Emma Miller, Giselle Bundchen, and most recently, Bar Refaeli.  It’s this last relationship that we’ll center in on now, as DiCaprio has seemingly conquered the unsolvable conundrum of having his cake, but ALSO EATING IT.  I know it seems difficult to wrap your head around, but he’s done the unthinkable.  He’s dated Bar (a top five hottest girl in the world) for years, but on an “on and off” basis.  The difference is when it’s “on”, they are a married couple for years at a time, travelling the world and enjoying the life of monogamy.  When they are “off”, however, DiCaprio doesn’t waste time.  After a couple months of cruising around banging supermodels, Leo and Bar calmly reunite and continue dating like nothing happened.  Continue reading