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Tiger Woods is Back

8 Dec

Nothing made me happier than seeing Tiger finally getting back in the winner’s circle Sunday.  The staredown, the fist pump, the roar of the crowd, it’s all something that’s been missing in golf the last two years save for a couple of exciting masters runs.  Say what you will about him in his personal life, but Tiger is the most important and exciting athlete for a sport since MJ was for basketball.  Listening to all these idiots saying “oh Tiger will never get it back, he’s terrible, he’s washed up” has been infuriating.  First off, their assumption of “he is terrible” in the context of golf is completly wrong. He hasn’t won in 26 starts.  He hasn’t won a major in two years (despite having a bunch of top tens).  For any golfer in the world besides Tiger, that woudln’t be a “slump.” That wouldn’t be bad at all in fact.  Most golfers would be happy to put together the top tens he’s had.  A golfer who wins more than one major in a lifetime is known as a great golfer, let alone someone who wins as many as Tiger.  The fact that he won at such a historic  pace beforehand is the only reason that discussion is even happening. The second assumption, that “he’ll never get it back” is an even more ridiculous notion.  The best golfer in history, the most athletic golfer in history, the best mental and physical player of the sport, the one who pioneered the way an entire generation works at the sport doesn’t just lose it.  He just doesn’t.  And of course there are still some haters that say “oh there were only 18 golfers this doesn’t count.” Continue reading

Hump Day Links of the Week

22 Jun

Nothing is better than a girl that at first is really cool, kind of nerdy, but cute in a weird way, who then turns into a ridiculously hot girl .  Ever see She’s All That? Or Zooey Deschanel?  While Zooey has reverted back into hipster nerd fashion, Rashida has decided to go a different route.  She’s smart, funny, and now, apparently, super hot. GQ

51 Year Old Actor Doug Hutchison from Green Mile married a 16 year old last week.  He obviously didn’t know the Divide by 2 and add 7 rule for acceptability for hooking up.  For example, since he’s 51, he could have hooked up with a 32.5 year old (51/2 = 25.5 +7).  The rule literally never fails. If you are 16, you can only hook up with 15 year olds (since age is such a huge difference year to year at that age).  If you are 30, you can hook up with a 22 year old.  If you are 40, you can hook up with a 27 year old (age matters less and less as you increase in age).  Doug Hutchison, when you are getting divorced or possibly going to jail in 3 months, please consult the rulebook. iBlackedOut

If you don’t follow HumbleBrag on Twitter, you need to immediately.  I’ve been noticing more and more of humblebragging on Facebook/Twitter and it’s driving me crazy. The guy that runs it is writing a monthly column now about it which is also hilarious. Grantland

A new list of the top ten dirtiest cities in America.  Giving #1 to New Orleans isn’t even fair.  They had a fucking hurricane destroy their city, of course they are dirty.  All the others are just assholes who don’t throw away anything. Litterbugs! Are people other than 1st grade teachers allowed to say Litterbugs?  Probably not.   NotSomebody

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Masters 2011 – Tiger Woods Back to No.1? What caused the “fall”?

9 Apr

Make no mistake about it; I love Tiger Woods.  No other athlete has dominated a sport to the level that he has ever in the history of the world.  A lot compete for second place; Michael Jordan comes to mind.  However, in reality, Tiger has it, even if he is not ranked first in the world at the time of this writing. Continue reading

Weekend Masters Preview: Hot Girl Edition

8 Apr

Without question, the Masters is the best sporting event of the year.  In what other event do they exclusively serve Mint Juleps on the course, while both everyone in attendance and on the playing field wears visors and polos.   Augusta doesn’t take shit from anyone, whether its blatantly ignoring Martha Burk’s attempt to let women in, forcing the announcers to call the rough the “second cut” since “nothing is rough on this course” or banning all backwards hats and iPods on the course.  What other tournament lets the winner host a dinner afterward, with only past winners invited and everyone required to wear their identical green jackets?  The tournament also inspires some of the best TV coverage of the year, with Jim Nantz opening each round with a chills-inducing monologue and only one commercial break an hour.  Since no one wants to see pictures of Phil Mickelson’s man tits, we’ve outlined some of the top contenders for this weekend’s action, but with the most representative females for each.

The Hot Up and Comer: Rory McIlroy (Katrina Bowden) At only 21 years of age and dozens of top ten finishes, a successful Ryder Cup appearance, and a 3rd place finish at the British Open last year, McIlroy is definitely the hot prospect of the moment in the golf world.  The biggest question is whether he can keep his nerves in check, as he followed a 63 at the British last year with an 80 the next day to fall out of contention.  Katrina Bowden is the best comparison here, coming out of seemingly nowhere to land a huge role on 30 Rock and a front page spread in Esquire as this year’s “Sexiest Woman Alive.”  I can’t argue with that after seeing these pictures. We expect big things from both McElroy and Katrina after what theyve shown so far. Continue reading