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Hump Day Links of the Week

22 Jun

Nothing is better than a girl that at first is really cool, kind of nerdy, but cute in a weird way, who then turns into a ridiculously hot girl .  Ever see She’s All That? Or Zooey Deschanel?  While Zooey has reverted back into hipster nerd fashion, Rashida has decided to go a different route.  She’s smart, funny, and now, apparently, super hot. GQ

51 Year Old Actor Doug Hutchison from Green Mile married a 16 year old last week.  He obviously didn’t know the Divide by 2 and add 7 rule for acceptability for hooking up.  For example, since he’s 51, he could have hooked up with a 32.5 year old (51/2 = 25.5 +7).  The rule literally never fails. If you are 16, you can only hook up with 15 year olds (since age is such a huge difference year to year at that age).  If you are 30, you can hook up with a 22 year old.  If you are 40, you can hook up with a 27 year old (age matters less and less as you increase in age).  Doug Hutchison, when you are getting divorced or possibly going to jail in 3 months, please consult the rulebook. iBlackedOut

If you don’t follow HumbleBrag on Twitter, you need to immediately.  I’ve been noticing more and more of humblebragging on Facebook/Twitter and it’s driving me crazy. The guy that runs it is writing a monthly column now about it which is also hilarious. Grantland

A new list of the top ten dirtiest cities in America.  Giving #1 to New Orleans isn’t even fair.  They had a fucking hurricane destroy their city, of course they are dirty.  All the others are just assholes who don’t throw away anything. Litterbugs! Are people other than 1st grade teachers allowed to say Litterbugs?  Probably not.   NotSomebody

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Hump Day Links of the Week

1 Jun

Blake Lively: Naked pictures from two years ago were released yesterday.  Two words: Holy shit.  Her publicist has since come out and denied they are real…which after looking at them you can tell she is clearly lying.  Wow.   Barstool Sports (NSFW)  UPDATE (6/2/11): The guy who released them got pissed since everyone was saying they were fake and subsequently released 12 more photos clearly proving they are her. Not sure what the publicist’s next move is here past fleeing into Mexico never to be seen again.  What Would Tyler Durden Do (NSFW)

An 84 Egg Sandwich to start the day.  I feel like I could eat this right now and still be hungover afterward. iBlackedOut

Jessica Fegan is attractive and is Turd Ferguson Blog’s June Model of the Month Turd Ferguson Blog

This site does a weekly “thong battle.”  Why didn’t we think of this first?  Guys Gab

Moving is literally the worst thing in the world.  Pretty good business idea by these guys.  Verdict is out on whether these are legit movers or exclusively serial killers and robbers.  But interesting nonetheless.  MapDispatch

This guy won $15 million playing blackjack in Atlantic City a couple weeks ago.  Part of me thinks this is awesome and the other part is filled with self-loathing at the amount of money I’ve lost over the years in that god forsaken place.  Daily Mail

The cast of Jersey Shore still showing Italians how we roll in America.  And no, in this case this is not a good thing.  Celebribabes

This guy is training for a spartan race, which sounds absolutely terrible.  Reading this makes me upset about the fury and fear I feel when I see the subway elevator is broken.  BroBible

Hedge fund manager John Paulson made $155 a second last year.  So in the time it takes you to take a shit, play a couple rounds of brick breaker on your phone, and wash your hands, this guy most likely made more than your yearly salary.  Who wants to start a hedge fund?  National Skirt Day Capital Management has a nice ring to it.  CNN Money