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NSD Approved Summer Drink: Gin Buckets

12 Jul
It always shocks me when people haven’t heard of Gin Buckets, perhaps the best summer drink in the country.  I have to admit I hadn’t heard of it until I went to college in the South, so maybe it’s a southern thing, but I can’t figure out why Gin Buckets aren’t constantly being drank everywhere in the world.  The concept is simple: you combine gin, sprite, frozen lemonade and frozen limeade, lemons, limes and ice, and you put it in either a cooler or a bucket, depending on how many people are drinking it.  The keys to gin buckets is that a) the drink is so sweet that it completely disguises the taste of any alcohol and b) they are drank strictly using turkey basters, making each drink a delicious shot-like stream out of the baster.  A gin bucket is kind of like an appetizer at a party, in that you drink your drinks and then once in awhile you wander over and dip your chip in the delicious spinach artichoke dip, but in this case you go over for a quick “baste.”  The difference is that you aren’t way too full to enjoy your meal after a few dips; with a gin bucket, you are completely blackout shortly after a few bastes.  After the jump, I’ve included the whole recipe as well as a description of a classic gin bucket game: Rock Paper Scissors Baste.   Continue reading

Girls from Transformers: Megan Fox vs. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

3 May

As   Summer is finally here: after the weekend featured two of the most exciting events of the last few years (the US laying the smackdown on Bin Laden and Fast Five coming out), its clear that the best season of the year is upon us.   Barbecues, beach trips, NBA playoffs, the U.S. Open, Fourth of July, baseball games, endless skirt days, drinking outside, and of course summer movie season all are ahead of us in the next three months.  This summer’s lineup is no different, with sequels, threequels, prequels, and all around stupid but entertaining looking shit dominating the multiplexes.  Transformers 3 is set to open July 1st on what is typically a huge box office weekend, and I’m sure this year will be no different with the third movie in a series which has made almost $2 billion worldwide.  Continue reading