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Skirt Jam of the Week – Chiddy Bang – Mind your Manners

16 Mar

Had the chance to see these guys in concert a couple weeks back for $10. First off, if you say they have one hit and it was 3 years ago, you’d be wrong.  Their new album came out this year and is surprisingly great the entire way through, highlighed by this song.  Second off, the concert was $10, and you should know that I’d see literally anything for $10.   There’s not one thing I wouldn’t see for $10.  I’d see Jessica Simpson jiggling her fat rapping nursery rhymes for $10.  Regardless, enjoy your St Patrick’s Day aka what should be one of the best early viewings for National Skirt Day of the year.  NSD Staff will be in New Orleans so there’s a good chance this will be the last post you ever see.  Either that or the ones after this are going to seem like they involve a lot less brain power which is saying something.

Guest Post: Charlotte, NC Skirt Day

5 Apr

This week, Skirt Day approaches in many areas in the country (thanks to many tweets sent our way in the last few days with updates on your region),  with many northern parts hoping for the holiday later this week.  However, in warmer climates like the South, skirt day often comes early.  Below you’ll find a guest post from a NSD reader living in Charlotte, NC, who unbelievably got to experience a combination of two of the best holidays of the year: Skirt Day and St. Patty’s Day.  Enjoy, and send your regional skirt day recaps our way at nationalskirtday@gmail.com.

Although the poor city dwellers in the Northeast have to wait until mid-April for their skirt day, such a day can come early in some parts of the country. March 19th marked the unofficial skirt day in Charlotte, NC, keyed by the festivities of St. Patrick’s Day.  With bar events on Thursday night inducing massive consumption and poor choices, it was a challenge to take advantage of the sunny, 80-degree weather that Friday brought. With people attempting to mask their stenches of whiskey and avoiding the beat-up coworker they hooked up with the night before, a Skirt Day declaration seemed premature. Considering the spastic weather, consecutive skirt-worthy days were as likely as Lindsay Lohan actually going to prison; Chris Brown not trying to look like a douche; A Big East team not screwing up another bracket. Simply put, things were not looking good.

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