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It’s Alex Morgan in Bodypaint

12 Feb

If the title of this post doesn’t make you curious you should calmly navigate away from this page and check out a site maybe more geared to your needs, say Pinterest or GoodHousekeeping.com.  Otherwise, like I’ve stated away, I’d like to publicly commend whoever was the first to convince girls that wearing body paint was the same thing as wearing clothing.  And I’d also like to punch every guy in the world who works as a “body paint artist.”  Besides Anthony Bourdain and Avicii, that guy has to have the world’s best job.  His work shift involves flying to a Caribbean paradise and painting nude girls.  What are the qualifications for this?

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Top Ten Strangest Swimsuits

20 Oct

This is basically a two minute video showing how creative Sports Illustrated has gotten in recent years in their swimsuit issue.  Back in the 80’s the magazine was just girls in traditional swimsuits, but once magazines like Maxim and FHM came out that showed more skin, SI knew they had to change it up.  The problem was that they couldn’t go as racy as those other magazines or men across the country wouldn’t be able to pretend like it was like every other SI issue every year to their wives.  So they decided to just replace bathing suits with random objects on a beach, and have girls lie naked behind them.  Whoever thought this up in the board meeting should be given a promotion.  Actually, I’m sure he did.  The guy who thought up this and the guy who thought up body paint should be co-presidents of America in fact. Okay I’ll stop.  Just watch the video. It’s theoretically safe for work I guess, if it would also be okay for you to look closely at the SI Swimsuit issue cover to cover at your desk.

Who’s Wearing this Skirt?

12 Apr

Can you guess who is behind this skirt?  Here is your clue.  This model is a former online columnist for Sports Illustrated.  Continue reading