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Soundrop is Cool

19 Jun

Avid NSD reader PleasureYoMomz (he’s still working on a name but thought this would do for now) decided to take his loudly stated opinions, 99% of which are centered around the absolutely-not supported-by NSD hatred of Apple products, Dave Matthews Band, and Starbucks, and put pen to paper and write something for us.  It’s on music (besides DMB, which was good in high school, come on) that we see eye to eye, and Pleasure is dead on in his love for Soundrop. Let’s hope YoMomz comes back and gives us some more thoughts.  Actually, given our staff’s unabashed love for Apple, maybe a For and Against article would be an order.  If YoMomz can actually put together a series of points that make any sense against Apple, we’d be happy to craft an easy rebuttal (something like: if you don’t have apple products you are an idiot).  Enough talk.  Soundrop is awesome.   I’ll let him do the talking from here.

A while back NSD posted about services like turntable.fm.  The concept was great, the execution not so much.  But now with the recent popularity explosion of Spotify, third parties are creating incredible add-ons to an already incredible service.  Enter Soundrop.  Continue reading