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Get Ready for Jersey Shore: Season 5

9 Dec

The series keeps it going with another season premiering January 5th.  We go back to Seaside Heights following a messy trip to Italy.  The show follows the gang around the shore during the months of this past summer.  The preview promises more drama, more tanning, more fist pumping at club Karma, more fake tits, and more Ron Ron Juice.  Surprisingly, it looks like Vinny leaves the show.  Although there are a few cast members that manage to get on our nerves every episode, we still love the show.  Rumor is, this is the last season with this cast and the one after will have a new group while the original members move on to their own spinoffs.

Check below for additional footage from the upcoming season…

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Jersey Shore: Ron Ron Juice Recipe

8 Jun

What is the drink Ronnie is always making that leads him into a belligerent drunk oblivion causing one hit knockouts and trashing your girlfriends closet for no apparent reason?  RON RON JUICE!  Here is the recipe you will see the cast member making on the show.  Don’t forget to rock the shirt before the shirt and to get your Continue reading

Chicks With Skirts Dig Four Loko

7 Apr

We all know and love Four Loko as the blackout in a can.  On November 17, 2010 the U.S. FDA Food and Drug Administration issued a warning letter to four manufacturers of caffeinated alcohol beverages citing that the caffeine added to their malt alcoholic beverages is an “unsafe food additive” and said that further action, including seizure of their products, may occur under federal law.  No longer were consumers able to buy the most intelligent innovation known to man.  This product blew Stifmeister’s collegiate concoction and Ron Ron Juice out of the water.  Everyone knows that every Four Loko night is a good night.  The banning of the human race’s most essential need in life was detrimental to millions of skirt wearing females around the world as well as the rest of us who are fans of this three dollar sloshfest knockout.  Unfortunately Four Loko was forced to sell without the energy kick.  But don’t worry; there is now a solution.  National skirt day is revealing Continue reading