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New Tarantino Movie: Django Unchained

12 Jun

Lots of big guys in this movie. It looks like Christoph Waltz, who was great in Inglorious Bastards, another flick by Quintin Tarantino, plays the patient bad guy again. Also starring is Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Tarantino is making the movie. Some people may find this to be a great team while others think they are overrated. I don’t need to name movies from any of these guys, they’ve proven they can make an amazing movie. However, can Quintin Tarantino make an old western movie? We all know he loves to throw in 70’s music into all of his movies but will it fit with this one? Also, some think his movies are too long. Even if you think Tarantino is a tiny bit overrated, out of the 10 or so movies he’s directed, I’d say 8 of them are quite good and unique in style. Jackie Brown, Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill series, and Basterds were all quite good. Leo is good too, but he also only performs in movies that have a Continue reading