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Skirt Jam of the Week: Pitbull – Get It Started featuring Shakira (Jump Smokers Remix)

20 Aug

Pitbull has made the full transition to incorporating electronic sound into his music as this is the decade where house music has taken over. The latest I’ve heard heard from him will surely make it to top ten songs of September that you want to hear at your local bar spot. Pitbull put together ‘Get It Started’ that has a strong electronic influence, as well as a very catching and upbeat chorus by Shakira. And lets not forget about how hot Shakira is. I believe this is the first electronic track I have heard from Shakira, maybe she keeps most of these for her home country, Columbia. However, I needed more bass and more electronic instrumental; and that is exactly what you get with the Jump Smokers Remix. Check out the song below, and the gallery exclusively of Shakira after the jump.

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Skirt Jam of the Week: Calvin Harris – Let’s Go featuring Ne-Yo

18 Apr

I’ve got a great combo for you this week.  Calvin Harris + Ne-Yo = Summer Hit.  Yes I said it, this song will be one of those jams that you remember the summer of 2012 by.  Look at the track record…  Ne-Yo has a summer hit every year.  Last year, ‘Give Me Everything‘ was released in March and was being played at venues until September.  Now take Ne-Yo, and put him with a producer such as Calvin Harris.  Calvin Harris is the guy who put out ‘We Found Love‘ with Rihanna.  So how can you deny that this combo guarantees a summer hit?  Here it is, check it out…  Beware, if you haven’t heard it already, this song will be all over the radio soon…

Top 10 New Skirt Jams of the Week

12 May

We have a bunch of new jams for our users to check out but I want to dedicate this post to a specific song.  50 Cent and Nicole Scherzinger collaborated to produce a new song that is sure to turn into a mainstream radio go-to that could possibly be the hit of the summer.  Yes, this song is catchy and you may become sick of it over the next few weeks.  The reason why we are dedicating this post to it is because of the music video.  Nicole Scherzinger, the lead singer from the pussy cat dolls, is a sight that will keep your eyes glued for hours.  She is Hawaiian, Fillipina, and Russian and has been ranked in Maxim’s hot 100 for the past few years.  This music video is addicting, with or without the volume on.  So in her honor, we have provided this slideshow before presenting the jams of the week…

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