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Skirt Jam of the Week – Dada Life – Rolling Stone T-Shirt (Cazzette Remix)

8 Jun

I walked into EDC, completely sober, at 3PM two weeks ago.  I stood, calmly, as Cazzette (who I didn’t know much about) came on stage, and they immediately opened with this.  Such a jam to start it off.   I’m writing this earlier in the week and could be dead in a ditch at this point at Bonnaroo.  Great way to start off your weekends.  Enjoy.

Electric Daisy Carnival NYC Starts Today. Yes.

18 May

No skirt jam of the week necessary.  NSD Staff pumped beyond belief to head up to NYC for Electric Daisy Carnival.  If you don’t know what it is, watch this video from our post last year.  We’ve been excited for this day for literally an entire year.  If this is the last post from us for awhile, you know why.  We’ll be sure to recap in full for anyone unfortunate enough not to be attending.  Avicii.  Alesso. Calvin Harris. Sebastian Ingrosso.  Bassnectar.  Afrojack.  Armin van Buuren.  Yes.  That’s all.  Enjoy the weekend.

EDC in NYC Tix go on Sale Today

2 Mar

If you haven’t heard of EDC aka Electric Daisy Carnival, you should go back and read my post from a few months ago and watch that video, because that video makes it look like truly one of the best events I can imagine. Before last year, EDC was only held in LA, making it a near impossible event to attend for us East-Coasters because of the sheer cost of ticket + hotel + cross country flight.  Last year they held one in Vegas and Orlando, making it a little more feasible, but this week they announced the first one in New York City.  Venue and pricing details are sketchy, but it looks like popular thought is leading towards MetLife Stadium for $129 for two days, which is an amazing deal versus most other festivals out there.  Tickets go on sale at 3PM today.  Worth mentioning that if you plan on attending you should probably research insurance policies.  As I’m going to both this and Bonnaroo this year, I will be also researching coffins over the next few weeks.

UPDATE: First phase of the lineup Released.  Oh my god. After the jump. Continue reading

Skirt Jam of the Week – Young the Giant – My Body

17 Feb

Mid-February is the toughest stretch to get through on our neverending path towards the summer ie NSD weather.  Just know you’ve made it this far, you can make it another month or two.  December is out the door, January is long gone, and February is basically over since we’re to President’s day weekend already.  As was evident by our twitter exploding last week, there have already been some cheapy half-NSD’s across DC and NYC with suprise 55 degree days.  Once we hit into March we’ll be sure to get a few more previews before the big show.  In the meantime, bands like Young the Giant help get us through this last tough stretch.   Continue reading

Skirt Jam of the Week – Avicii & Alesso – Rules Have Changed

6 Jan

Avicii has done it again, this time collaborating with fellow Swedish DJ Alesso for “Rules Have Changed,” which he released right before his NYE show in NYC this year.  This was Avicii’s New Year’s Eve: He played a 3 hour set from 9:30-12:30 and rang in the new year at a venue overlooking Niagara Falls, then jumped in a helicoptor which took him to his NYC show on Pier 39, where he landed on the roof, descended down, and played another 3 hour show going until 4AM, kicking it off with Levels as the crowd went nuts.  At 1:25AM he tweeted, “This is the best night of life! In a helicoptor over Manhattan.”  Is there anyone who has a better life than Avicii?  His “work” is a 3 hour shift once ever couple of nights, standing on a stage in exotic locations all over the world.  The rest of the time he just makes awesome songs and parties.  Forget Earl Woods trying to train his kid since birth to be a golfer, my kid is gonna have a DJ deck in his crib the day he’s born.