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Skirt Jam of the Week: Machine Gun Kelly ft. Ester Dean – Invincible

28 Dec

This week we have a new artist that we haven’t previously feature on NSD.  Below we posted Invincible by Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) and Ester Dean.  MGK, is an upcoming rapper from Cleveland and has great flow and energy in his live performances.  Just a few weeks ago he was named The Hottest Breakthrough MC of 2011 by MTV.  It’s obvious this kid’s got talent, he’s teaming up with some of the industry’s best artists and signed with Bad Boy Records.  Invinciple is a fast paced song featuring Ester Dean who recently has been doing choruses across the industry with artists such as Chris Brown, Tinie Tempah, and Nicki Minaj.  I expect we will see much more of MGK in the near future…

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Jamie Chung: The Hangover 2

20 Apr

It was summer of 2009 when Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, and Justin Bartha released one of the funniest movies known to date.  Director Todd Phillips privileges us with a sequel to the rufee popping ridiculousness with some more Ken Jeon in the mix.  Phil, Stu, and Alan travel to Bangkok for Stu’s wedding only to find themselves in another post-blackout disaster.  Check out the bottom of the page for the banned trailer.  The Hangover 2 gifts us with Jamie Chung as Stu’s bride to be.  Naturally we’re here to provide you with a skirt picture.

Jamie’s an American actress known to reality television audiences as a cast member on the MTV reality television series, The Real World: San Diego and its spin-off show, Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Inferno II, and for her appearances in TV and films, such as I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, Sorority Row, and Sucker Punch.  Jamie proves that there is a chance to have a real career after being nationally broadcasted as a dramatic sex fiending alcoholic on the Real World.  Who would have thought it was possible to become successful after an MTV reality Continue reading

MTV: Show Those Skirts!

30 Mar

What is it about MTV’s overdramatic shows that keep me watching and not moving onto more mature viewing such as the History channel or CNN?  Is it that I aspire to have the dream life that Rob Dyrdek has in Fantasy Factory?  Possibly.  Could it be any of the shows that actually play music videos?  Probably not.  So what is it?  Oh yeah, there is one last thing…  The abundance of unbelievably hot chicks wearing skirts!  Let’s start with the current season of The Real World in Las Vegas.  I haven’t watched the Real World since Johanna and Melinda flaunted their Continue reading