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Hump Day Links of the Week

2 Nov

Turd Ferguson Blog proves yet again why Halloween is the 2nd best (after NSD) holiday of the year.  A collection of the best costumes this year.  And by best I mean the hottest girls. Turd Ferguson Blog

This is why people hate Occupy Wall Street.  Plain and Simple. Warming Glow

TheCHIVE has a list up of “The 20 hottest girls wearing knee high socks.”  Which is a great look.  See this is why those sites make so much money.  Who thinks of that as a list?  Goddamit. TheCHIVE

I have never heard of the Human Slinky until this week, and apparently it is now on sale for $1 million.  After watching this video I’m convinced that its a bargain only to figure how how this guy is doing this.  This is unbelievable. Barstool Sports

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