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NSD Approved: Minka Kelly

21 Jan

Minka Kelly is probably at the top of the list when it comes to rock stars’ daughters. She’s not too famous of a celebrity but she is the daughter of former Aerosmith guitarist Rick Dufay. You may remember her from the Charlie’s Angels TV series or Friday Night Lights. She also dated Derek Jeter, I’m sure she received a gift basket from him. Her known-for list on IMDB may be a little short but she is super hot which is a guaranteed ticket onto NSD. She was recently spotted in Yoga pants and those pictures alone were enough for us to post a gallery of her. Please immediately refer to her ass. Check out the pics below.

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Where is the Minka Kelly Sex Tape? Seriously where is it?

26 Jul

When I heard that there was a Minka Kelly sex tape I jokingly declared it “NBD” aka “NationalBonerDay” on twitter. Well it’s been over 36 hours and I’m no longer excited and I’ve also lost the ability to joke.  Now I’m angry.  What kind of joke is this?  Who did this?  This is like your parents telling you Santa Clause is coming at midnight and to make sure you stay up and then just end up just pulling an all nighter but santa clause doesn’t come.  Actually, it’s even worse.  The week that we were supposed to have Minka Kelly we got…Carly Rae Jepson instead???? This is like instead of Santa coming, a guy comes in, takes your candy, punches you in the face, and leaves instead.  This is bullshit.  Either release the video, or erase my mind MIB style right now because I can’t get the idea of a possible Minka Kelly sex tape out of my head.