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Miss NSD 2012: Mila Kunis

16 Nov

In our very first post back in March of 2011, we wondered whether Mila Kunis or Natalie Portman was hotter.  It’s crazy even to think back to a moment in time when this was even a debate.  Mila Kunis is currently in that realm that very few women in time have reached: the undisputed girl that literally every guy in the world is in love with.  Elizabeth Taylor, Farrah Fawsett, Heather Locklear, Pamela Anderson, and now Kunis.  Girls that can claim this title are not only unbelievably hot, there’s something about them that seems…relateable.  That it wouldn’t be inconceivable to actually hook up with this girl.  That you could hang out with her all day long, go to see a movie, shoot the shit, and forget that she is the sexiest woman alive.  Mila Kunis, we were posting about you in 2011, we are posting about you now, and I’m sure we’ll be posting about you next year as well.  Until our first date, Mila, godspeed.  And congratulations on your win as Miss NSD 2012.  P.S. Kunis just won Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive, and this video came out.  Watch this video.  But probably not at work.  Over/under disgusted female co-worker stares is set at 4, I went way over.

NSD Approved: Mila Kunis

22 Jul

I know we already did an NSD Approved earlier this week but with today’s release of Friends with Benefits, there was no waiting until next week to do one on Mila Kunis. This girl has it all: she has a great sense of humor, can hang out with the guys, while obviously being ridiculously hot.  Very few girls can pull off being incredibly sexy while being able to watch a football game while drinking a beer, but Kunis pulls it off with flying colors.  She was always endearing on That 70’s Show, but  no one really knew her potential until she stole the movie in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, where she outclassed the almost equally hot Kristen Bell at every turn.  Now she’s mixing serious roles like Black Swan with comedies like this weekend’s Friends with Benefits.  Also, you may say it’s a chick movie, but I clearly plan on seeing it for Kunis alone.  Wow.  I’m also excited that movies are actually starting to feature attractive girls instead of Katharine Heigl.  Please…no more Katherine Heigl.  Katherine Heigl is the Nickelback of female actresses.  But moving on.  A bunch of pictures and the red band trailer after the jump.  Continue reading

Hump Day Links of the Week

13 Jul

This is an incredibly boring link, it’s literally just Miranda Kerr jogging with her mom.  It’s important because A) it shows that she is returning to form as one of the hottest girls in the world after having a kid and B) it gave me an excuse to put up an awesome picture of her above.  Celebribabes

Every man in the world dreams of having a threesome.  It’s something that every man has on their bucket list but very few get to actually accomplish.  Unless you are a celebrity, really the only way to have a threesome is to get your girlfriend to agree to it.  Manosterone has a pretty funny list of the best ways to pick out the girl Manosterone

This has been around the web this week a lot already, but if you haven’t seen it, this guy stages an incredibly douchey way to propose to his girlfriend.  I don’t understand why everyone is praising this guy.  A) he proposed in a big group of people which is always terrible and embarasses everyone there and B) he faked death and laughed as his girlfriend almost had a heart attack.  Cool dude.  Fuck this guy.  GuysGab

20 NFL players have been arrested since the lockout began a few months ago.  Obviously, everyone predicted this.  You have hundreds of 22-29 year old, mostly single men who have millions of dollars in their bank accounts and have no jobs.  I would be arrested within minutes of this scenario.  Sports Behemoth

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Celebrity Skirt of the Week: Kunis or Portman?

21 Mar


Today’s discussion is clearly not a new one. Men have been debating the hotness potential of Natalie Portman since The Professional and Mila Kunis since That 70’s Show. They’ve been near the top of the crop for years, but with Black Swan and their sex scene that caused men’s heads to explode in theaters across the country they both entered the discussion for hottest girl alive aka Is this Girl Hotter than Sloan from Entourage.  As you can see from the photos, this debate hinges inherently on your type: Continue reading