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NSD Approved: Meghan Markle

25 Jun

First off, if you aren’t watching Suits, you need to get off your high horse and start watching it.  Yes, I know it’s on USA, which might make you think that it’s a mindless drama only put on during the summer to distract you from real shows.  Not true for Suits.  Watch the first episode (you are only one season behind, and season two just started two weeks ago.  Only 12 episodes) and I guarantee you will be hooked.  The key players: Mike Ross, who is a genius who was kicked out of school and thus unable to become a lawyer.  Harvey Spector, a complete baller senior partner at a huge law firm in NYC.  Spector takes Ross under his wing once he sees him in action and hires him to the firm.  And most importantly, Rachel, played by Meghan Markle, serves as a paralegal and Mike’s love interest.  She, as you can tell above, is ridiculously hot. Markle is an American model whose former credits included holding case #24 on Deal or No Deal and as an agent on Fox’s Frinch.  Since Suits, she’s popped up in last year’s hilarious Horrible Bosses as the delivery girl at the beginning.  After Suits, she better be ridiculously famous or hollywood is broken. The takeaway: watch Suits.  Full gallery of Markle after the jump. Continue reading