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Miami Heat Harlem Shake

4 Mar

The reigning champions show off some of their dance moves as the team went from stretching to making a Harlem Shake video. If it wasn’t impressive enough going 12-1 in February, they have succeeded in presenting this hilarious video. Can you imagine someone prompting Kobe Bryant to make a video like this with his team- that would be an interesting conversation. Kobe can’t even make small talk with any of his teammates, unless it’s with one of their wives. This just goes to show the Heat have way more chemistry than any other team in the NBA.

NBA Playoffs Dance Team Matchup: Heat vs. Bulls

24 May

The Eastern Conference Finals are upon us, this year pitting the Miami Heat against the Chicago Bulls. The Heat are the most hateable team of the decade, the biggest group of egotistical assholes assembled since the last fifteen Yankees teams. The Bulls on the other hand are a loveable group of role players and have the most exciting young player in the NBA, Derrick Rose. As the Heat are up 2-1 and with a win tonight, look a good bet to take the series. We here at NSD thought we’d even it up by pitting the team’s dance teams against each other. (Note: The NBA shifted from the straight edge cheerleaders of college basketball into sluttily-dressed “dancers,” a calculated and brilliant move by the association). Unfortunately, about ten seconds into our Google search the Heat dancers (orange bikini) were clearly the hottest of the Eastern Conference, while the Bulls come off as underwhelming (santa costume). After looking at the pictures of the dancers lounging on South Beach and partying at some of America’s best clubs, you can’t blame Lebron for leaving Cleveland (known best for its terrible sports and depressing winters) for Miami, known best for nude beaches and 80 degree weather year round. As everyone in America hates the Heat (besides bandwagon bloodsucking fairweather assholes in Miami), we can at least cheer the dancers as we tune in to the Finals. For all the long suffering teams, the ones with role players and long-built team chemistry and fans who care even when the team is bad (and don’t arrive thirty minutes late for playoff games), please, Chicago, please, beat the Heat. As far as the series goes, the 3 man team of the Heat take it in 6, as much as I hate to say it. In terms of the girls, it’s not much of a competition, but cast your votes after more pictures of both dance teams.
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