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Why is Miley Cyrus Maxim’s Hottest Woman of 2013?

11 May


Who actually thinks Miley Cyrus is worthy to top Maxim’s Hot 100 list? Of course she is good looking, but the market is full of dozens/hundreds of better looking celebrities. As stated from Cyrus: “It feels amazing to be No. 1, especially because it was voted on by the fans. I have the best fans in the world!” Was this actually voted on by fans or does Maxim have the final say? I guess controversy sells. FHM picks Mila Kunis as their Sexiest Woman for 2013 (a perfectly reasonable choice by most standards), and the public yawns. Maxim picks Miley Cyrus to top their Hot 100, and it gets everyone talking. Attention is what matters in today’s world, and Maxim’s choice is arguably “smarter” than FHM’s in terms of getting our attention for the advertisers in their magazines. Is Maxim playing a joke? Nope, they’re cashing in. Even the fake girlfriend of Manti Te’o appeared, sort of, at No. 69 on Maxim’s annual “Hot 100 List.” The industry still wants Miley to be the new Britney Spears, and they didn’t realize yet, that it’s not going to happen. I don’t think I can find a single person that agrees with this choice.

Top Ten Strangest Swimsuits

20 Oct

This is basically a two minute video showing how creative Sports Illustrated has gotten in recent years in their swimsuit issue.  Back in the 80’s the magazine was just girls in traditional swimsuits, but once magazines like Maxim and FHM came out that showed more skin, SI knew they had to change it up.  The problem was that they couldn’t go as racy as those other magazines or men across the country wouldn’t be able to pretend like it was like every other SI issue every year to their wives.  So they decided to just replace bathing suits with random objects on a beach, and have girls lie naked behind them.  Whoever thought this up in the board meeting should be given a promotion.  Actually, I’m sure he did.  The guy who thought up this and the guy who thought up body paint should be co-presidents of America in fact. Okay I’ll stop.  Just watch the video. It’s theoretically safe for work I guess, if it would also be okay for you to look closely at the SI Swimsuit issue cover to cover at your desk.

Top 10 New Skirt Jams of the Week

12 May

We have a bunch of new jams for our users to check out but I want to dedicate this post to a specific song.  50 Cent and Nicole Scherzinger collaborated to produce a new song that is sure to turn into a mainstream radio go-to that could possibly be the hit of the summer.  Yes, this song is catchy and you may become sick of it over the next few weeks.  The reason why we are dedicating this post to it is because of the music video.  Nicole Scherzinger, the lead singer from the pussy cat dolls, is a sight that will keep your eyes glued for hours.  She is Hawaiian, Fillipina, and Russian and has been ranked in Maxim’s hot 100 for the past few years.  This music video is addicting, with or without the volume on.  So in her honor, we have provided this slideshow before presenting the jams of the week…

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The Girls of Fast Five

6 May

There are few things in life that you can depend on.  “Death and Taxes” is what old cynics say, but in reality there are a few others.  Getting blackout and commenting on who gained the most weight since high school on the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving, for example.  Spending hundreds of dollars more on New Year’s Eve than you wanted to because “It’s New Year’s Eve, the best night of the year” only to realize 2 hours in that NYE has literally never lived up to expectations.  Holidays come and go like clockwork, and now so do Fast and the Furious movies.  Every year, moviegoers can depend on the franchise to release an entry with every character the audience wants (whether dead or alive), six of the most ridiculous and implausible car scenes you’ll ever see in your life, and at least one scene where Vin Diesel/Paul Walker’s acting is so bad that the audience literally laughs at him in a serious scene.  Every summer, an academic on his way to that new French subtitled film that “the New Yorker just loved!” scoffs at me as I march to the theater, but why?  I can’t think of a series that more successfully gives the audience exactly what they pay $12 to see.   Continue reading

Girls from Transformers: Megan Fox vs. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

3 May

As   Summer is finally here: after the weekend featured two of the most exciting events of the last few years (the US laying the smackdown on Bin Laden and Fast Five coming out), its clear that the best season of the year is upon us.   Barbecues, beach trips, NBA playoffs, the U.S. Open, Fourth of July, baseball games, endless skirt days, drinking outside, and of course summer movie season all are ahead of us in the next three months.  This summer’s lineup is no different, with sequels, threequels, prequels, and all around stupid but entertaining looking shit dominating the multiplexes.  Transformers 3 is set to open July 1st on what is typically a huge box office weekend, and I’m sure this year will be no different with the third movie in a series which has made almost $2 billion worldwide.  Continue reading

Who’s Wearing this Skirt?

12 Apr

Can you guess who is behind this skirt?  Here is your clue.  This model is a former online columnist for Sports Illustrated.  Continue reading