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Hump Day Links of the Week

5 Oct

Turd Ferguson Blog has a weekly feature called “Titty Tuesday.”  The above is just one example of what this means. This is the best thing to happen to Tuesdays since Tosh.0 debuted. 

Kenan Thompson is marrying a superhot model named Christina Evangeline. That’s right.  Kenan Thompson.  From Good Burger.  And All That.  And now SNL (which probably averages one funny skit per week).  I have to admit Good Burger was pretty good though…Warming Glow

Yesterday’s NSD Approved post by MacAttack featured Courtney Stodden, the 16-year old who married a 51 year old this year, and who is now…a singer?  YouTube

Malcolm Gladwell’s second article for Grantland, this time on the Nets and their new stadium.  Obviously worth a read. Grantland

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Final Four Cheerleader Matchup of the Day: UConn vs. Kentucky

1 Apr

You never know what you are gonna get when you search for a school’s cheerleaders in Google (unless the school is USC or UCLA). Some schools, like VCU or Butler, yield results along the lines of what’s expected (mediocre girls across the board), while other schools, like Kentucky, seriously underwhelm your expectations. Type Kentucky in Google and find an attractive girl, I dare you. However, once in awhile a school shatters your low expectations (which mine were for UConn) and delivers an abundance of hot girls to choose from. What I expected would be a VCU-esque eight hour marathon of searching was finished in about 30 seconds, when I found this picture of just one of UConn’s many hot girls. Sports Illustrated even ran a 30 picture slideshow last week just focused on the school’s various cheerleaders. While UConn overachieves both here and in the tournament, Kentucky continues to disappoint in the cheerleader department.
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