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This Dorm Room looks Incredible

2 May

It’s obvious this kid is a genius.  I have no idea how you would even begin to set something like this us, and to go along with his technical prowess, he made it incredibly practical but also hilarious.  The question is, does that Romantic mode ever get any use?  About 3 minutes in I was starting to have that bad feeling that in a few years Sorkin would be writing snappy dialogue for the latest movie about a boy genius who never get any ass and now is a huge dick to everyone.  Four minutes in, on party mode, with blasting Levels?  Come on.  This kid is banging girls every night.  Awesome stuff.   Worth noting that the background music for the first section was the same that was used for the equally incredible-looking google glasses video a few weeks back.  Lends itself perfectly to cool technology videos I guess.

Skirt Jam of the Week – Avicii’s Entire Ultra Set

30 Mar

I admit this is a long skirt jam, seeing that it’s a full hour.  If you only have about ten minutes of skirt jam tim today, listen about 48 minutes and on is the best as it’s a Goyte- Somebody I used to Know mixed with Levels remix, while a full light show goes on and fireworks go off over the water in the background.  I actually think it would have probably been a top five moment in my life if I were there, but I luckily NSD Staff will be travelling en masse to EDC in New York in May so we’ll get our fill then.  In the meantime, this entire set is awesome, and the fact that it’s filmed with a bunch of HD cameras all over the stage adds to it.  FYI this is also the one where Madonna got in a fight with Deadmau5 for introducing Avicii by asking if anyone had seen Molly.  Just watch the whole thing. Don’t try to tell yourself you do a lot of work after 3PM on a Friday.

Skirt Jam of the Week – White Panda – Deep in the Levels

27 Jan

As Avicii and especially Levels gets bigger and bigger, turned into pop hits by Flo Rida and mixed to commercials, new mashups of the song seem to hit the web by the hour.  No use looking at any of them, because this one is the best by a mile.  For some reason, Adel’s sad breakup songs seems to lend themselves perfectly to pumping happy Euro house music.  This one is no different.  Enjoy the weekend everyone.

Skirt Jam of the Week – Avicii – Levels

5 Oct

You all may know Avicii from his remixes over the years of hit songs.  Usually, an awesome song comes out and then about a week later you suddenly hear a house music version of that song pumping through the bar or club, or that song mashed up with something else.  Avicii quickly built a name for himself as one of the best on that front, but in the last couple years he’s started putting out his own original songs, and Levels is one of them.  Unbelievable.  It starts a little slow, but from about a minute in and on it just gets better and better.  Listen to this and you will immediately get promoted at work, bang a model on your way home, and win the lottery.  Enjoy.

Song of the Week: Avicii – Levels Remix ft. Flo Rida

4 Aug

The new Avicii song, Levels, makes you want to beat the beat and fist pump until the next morning.  This week we came across the Flo Rida remix and it rocks.  Check it out!