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Miami Heat Harlem Shake

4 Mar

The reigning champions show off some of their dance moves as the team went from stretching to making a Harlem Shake video. If it wasn’t impressive enough going 12-1 in February, they have succeeded in presenting this hilarious video. Can you imagine someone prompting Kobe Bryant to make a video like this with his team- that would be an interesting conversation. Kobe can’t even make small talk with any of his teammates, unless it’s with one of their wives. This just goes to show the Heat have way more chemistry than any other team in the NBA.

Michael Jordan: Still Awesome

13 Sep

Michael Jordan is obviously a huge cocky asshole, as witnessed by his Hall of Ffame induction speech last year where he basically shit on everyone who ever got in his way his entire life.  But you know what?  Michael Jordan can do whatever he wants because he is the best basketball player of all time by a mile.  I can’t stand when people start arguing who’s better between Kobe or MJ. Or saying “Is Lebron the next MJ?”  There is no next MJ.  Maybe people have forgotten about him since he hasn’t been in the league for awhile, but watch one highlight reel of Jordan on youtube and tell me he’s not the best ever.  Anyway this commercial for NBA 2K11 is awesome, basically telling off anyone who doesn’t think either him or his teams are the best ever.  Pretty awesome.

Hump Day Links of the Week

8 Jun

Former Playmate of the Year Hope Dworaczyk posed for MeinmyPlace a couple weeks ago. If you haven’t heard of the website Me in My Place, you need to go there immediately.  If you stay on it for less than 3 hours you should be punched in the face.  The site takes random girls (not famous) and shoots them in their apartments, in varying degrees of undress (but no full nudity).  Esquire picked up on them and did a full story, and now they also feature models doing the same thing.  What an idea.  MeinmyPlace

ESPN scribe Bill Simmon’s launched his website Grantland today, a mix of sports and pop culture.  Simmons’ first article is a classic. Grantland

Turd Ferguson Blog apparently has something called “Titty Tuesday.”  I just fired three writers from NSD for not thinking of this first. Turd Ferguson Blog

A hot girl doing handstands for a minute and  a half.  I realize this sounds stupid, but…it’s not.  I just watched this three times in a row.  iBlackedOut

As you might have heard Lenny Dykstra was just busted for trying to steal a car.  Here’s a long but interesting article from ESPN a couple years back profiling Lenny, from his great baseball career, his initial success as a “stock picker,” and then his inevitable collapse.  Dykstra sounds like Charlie Sheen without the porn stars.  ESPN

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