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Love Hot Chicks That DJ? Checkout Krewella

8 Dec

Last week while playing some NBA 2k13 while drinking with some buddies, someone said to throw on some music by Krewella. As I was sifting through their main hits on youtube, my buddy said to make sure to choose one of their music videos and direct the laptop towards everyone. I obliged.

The next five minutes of my life were fucking awesome. Krewella is an electronic dance music group of three DJs, two of which are babes. And sure enough, their music videos mainly just follow the two girls around doing hot things including partying, bikinis, and showing a lot of themselves. The group is fairly new as of 2012, straight out of Chicago, and consists of Jahan, Yasmine, and Rain Man. They have great house music/dubstep with some trendy vocals. Checkout below for some music and pics… Their music videos are great feel good vibes to get through a cold winter. There also is some entertaining backstage/touring/partying throughout the videos.

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