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Kate Middleton Bottomless?

1 Oct

Kate just can’t get a break. After revealing topless pics a few weeks ago after a French Magazine exposed spy shots from her vacation, Danish celebrity magazine Se og Hør published photos of Kate Middleton completely bottomless. The photos in Se og Hør’s 16-page spread appear to have been taken during the same topless photos that circulated the Web earlier this month. The grainy photos show a bottomless Middleton in the midst of changing her bikini bottom while on vacation with Prince William in the South of France. Kim Henningsen, the editor-in-chief of Se og Hør, did not disclose how much Continue reading

Kate Middleton Topless

15 Sep

Just a day after she gave her first inspiring overseas speech, the future Queen of England was ROCKED with the news that her topless time on a private estate was photographed and published! The pics that ended up on the cover (and within the pages) of French mag Closer were allegedly taken from half a mile away while Kate was sunning herself with husband Prince William at what they presumably thought was a private chateau in Provence. The photos are a little bit blurry but they definitely are legit. After she had the wind up the skirt incident a year ago I thought Continue reading

Search Engine Terms

21 Jun

One of my favorite NSD related things to do is go through the search terms that bring people to the site. WordPress compiles all kinds of stats about what brings people to the site and what countries they’re from. I’m always interested in what brings people to National Skirt Day, so I thought our readers may be interested as well.

Obviously, the thing that brings people first and foremost to the blog are posts related to naked celebrities, playboy shoots, the occasional nip slip, or every once in a while the full on crazy, animated, butt sex craving, cell phone pics (looking at you olivia munn..). Therefore, it should be no surprise that the search terms that most frequently bring people to NSD include:

Oliva Munn (Cell Phone Pics)

Blake Lively (Cell Phone Pics)

and Lindsay Lohan Playboy (pics)

Certain celebrities also have a different appeal, especially ones who are relatively new (but ridiculously hot) like Hannah Simone from New Girl or Kate Mara from Entourage. Others also make sense, like Kate Middleton searches skyrocketing during the Royal Wedding. Obviously it makes sense that “Kate Middleton Ass pics” would yield over 8,000 visits for NSD. What you might not have realized is that we actually also have a classy group of visitors who have arrived at our site over 125 times by searching “Duchess of Cambridge Ass”.

There is also a whole slew of search terms that are completely bizarre. Favorites include: Continue reading

Kate Middleton’s Ass Gives Pippa Competition

11 Jul

The Duchess of Cambridge had a skirt lifting experience in Canada when a prairie breeze hiked her dress almost to the waist. Yes it’s true, Kate Middleton had a battle with the wind giving her a Marilyn Monroe moment driving headlines across the web.  The upskirt shot is gift from God and confirms that a nice ass runs in the family.  Pippa Middleton’s ass has already become an internet hit as it was talked about as the rear of the year.  Now, her sister as given her some stiff competition.  What a perfect spyshot Continue reading

The Cut O’ Beef Index: Part V

13 May

Like Michael Jordan with the Wizards and Brett Favre six times, many people that left at the peak of their powers feel the urge to come back to prove they’ve still got it.  Maybe it’s the tedium of sitting on the same island and the same yachts every day, or maybe it’s the frustration in seeing young guns taking what used to be yours.  We here at NSD can’t get in the minds of the greats, but lucky for us, the pre-eminent guest writer of NSD, MemoFromTurner, felt the itch both creatively and physically (Quote: “I thought Lifestyles were the best out there!) and is back with two more Cuts O’ Beef, this time touching on the superficially classy and hipsters.  Enjoy.

Cut O’Beef: Beef Tartare
Celebrity Example: Ashley “Client 9” Dupre
Theme Song: “Tangerine” by Big Boi feat. T.I.

Our next Cut O’ Beef is the Beef Tartare.  Beef Tartare is superficially a classy, pricey Cut—found almost exclusively at swanky restaurants as a heavily garnished appetizer.  Cut through all the fanfare, however, and you’re still left with a piece of raw Beef, albeit one of generally high quality.  Beef Tartares may come dressed to the nines, well made-up and heavily perfumed but deep down they are just selling pure, raw sex appeal.  Beef Tartares can be found in 4-star hotel lobby bars in revealing cocktail dresses, sipping vodka sodas and eyeing down every investment banker that comes through the door.  A Beef Tartare is totally unafraid of maintaining eye contact, giving the undeniable impression that she knows that you know that she knows that you are giving her looks from across the bar (and she loves it).  Ever notice how most Cuts get self-conscious when trying out a tight, short skirt on NSD, constantly fidgeting and smoothing down the material because they are worried about showing too much? Beef Tartares don’t have that problem.    Continue reading

Kate Middleton – Royal Skirt Cred Galore

29 Apr

What can NSD say about the Royal Wedding that hasn’t already been said by most of the world?  Well, as a valued member of the Press, we can’t help but give you a quick and dirty, no holds barred opinion of what we think.  Now we understand that most Americans can’t stand anything British.  Maybe it’s because of the British oppression that our ancestors cured via the American Revolution, maybe it is because they claim to speak English but no one can understand anything they say.  A few hundred years plus a royal wedding seemed to have cured this animosity…at least for now.  It is a proven statistic that 99.4% of those that said they hate the Brits, either watched or Tivoed the crap out of the Royal Wedding.  Who are we to argue with those statistics?

This brings us to the topic of conversation – Kate Middleton.  Of course, we at NSD love her but not for the reasons that everyone else does.  Continue reading