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Get Ready for Jersey Shore: Season 5

9 Dec

The series keeps it going with another season premiering January 5th.  We go back to Seaside Heights following a messy trip to Italy.  The show follows the gang around the shore during the months of this past summer.  The preview promises more drama, more tanning, more fist pumping at club Karma, more fake tits, and more Ron Ron Juice.  Surprisingly, it looks like Vinny leaves the show.  Although there are a few cast members that manage to get on our nerves every episode, we still love the show.  Rumor is, this is the last season with this cast and the one after will have a new group while the original members move on to their own spinoffs.

Check below for additional footage from the upcoming season…

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MTV: Show Those Skirts!

30 Mar

What is it about MTV’s overdramatic shows that keep me watching and not moving onto more mature viewing such as the History channel or CNN?  Is it that I aspire to have the dream life that Rob Dyrdek has in Fantasy Factory?  Possibly.  Could it be any of the shows that actually play music videos?  Probably not.  So what is it?  Oh yeah, there is one last thing…  The abundance of unbelievably hot chicks wearing skirts!  Let’s start with the current season of The Real World in Las Vegas.  I haven’t watched the Real World since Johanna and Melinda flaunted their Continue reading