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Skirt Jam of the Week – Chiddy Bang – Mind your Manners

16 Mar

Had the chance to see these guys in concert a couple weeks back for $10. First off, if you say they have one hit and it was 3 years ago, you’d be wrong.  Their new album came out this year and is surprisingly great the entire way through, highlighed by this song.  Second off, the concert was $10, and you should know that I’d see literally anything for $10.   There’s not one thing I wouldn’t see for $10.  I’d see Jessica Simpson jiggling her fat rapping nursery rhymes for $10.  Regardless, enjoy your St Patrick’s Day aka what should be one of the best early viewings for National Skirt Day of the year.  NSD Staff will be in New Orleans so there’s a good chance this will be the last post you ever see.  Either that or the ones after this are going to seem like they involve a lot less brain power which is saying something.

Hump Day Links of the Week

7 Sep

Turd Ferguson Blog somehow got to interview the incredibly hot Rosie Jones.  Why doesn’t NSD get interviews like this?  Rosie…call us.  Turd Ferguson Blog

The Avengers has begun filming, and last week they caught the entire cast filming in Central Park.  Pretty awesome. ABlog4Guys

With the NFL kicking off (for a touchback) tomorrow night, ESPN has put together the best Fantasy Football sleepers for the season.  Since that’s all anyone really cares about in the end, unless you are from Philadelphia which is clearly going to win the super bowl.  ESPN

This is a video compilation of girls falling as they ride bikes.  I watched this full three minute video in its entirety while laughing loudly at work.  Guys Gab

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Hot Patriotic Girls Bringing you into Fourth of July Weekend

1 Jul

Happy Fourth of July Weekend, perhaps the best holiday of the year. Independence Day reigns because of the simple fact that everyone tries their absolute hardest to be as patriotic as possible during the weekend in a race to see who can be the truest American. Shouts of “FREEDOM” abound as illegal fireworks are shot in the air.  A massive quantity of Budweiser (they also have those American flag cans which are awesome right now) is consumed, thousands of hot dogs and hamburgers are cooked, and best of all, millions of women break out their American flag bikinis for the event.  All throughout the year people whine and complain about how terrible America is, how Europe has it “all figured out” with their healthcare and quality of life, how the Chinese are lapping us in economy and technology, how we are a lagging nation, etc, etc.  A new crop of “important” actors pop up who will move to Canada if we don’t stop the war.  The Fourth of July is the one time of year where everyone seems to realize “what the fuck was I talking about all year?” and realizes how great our country really is.  After the jump, in honor of America, we’ve compiled a gallery of some of the hottest women over the years to ever strap on the iconic American flag bikini.  And if my little speech and the gallery of hot girls didn’t get you excited for the weekend, I’ve included a video of perhaps the greatest speech of all time from the aptly-titled classic Independence Day. Enjoy the weekend everyone.

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