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NSD Approved: Alex Morgan

19 Jul

If you don’t know who Alex Morgan is, she’s the world class hottie that led the U.S. Women’s World Cup team to….a devastating defeat to Japan in the last minute.  She did her part though, scoring a goal and looking the best of any woman in the tournament (did you see the Japanese team? Horrifying).  Now we all know how terrible women’s sports USUALLY are.  My complete list of women’s sports that I’ll sit down and watch is as follows: Olympic Figure Skating Goal Medal finals (but only if they include Sasha Cohen), Olympic Gymnastics finals vs. China (but only if featuring a girl with a broken ankle who has to stick her last landing to win one for the country), and the Lingerie Football League (for obvious reasons).  Anything else, I only reference when including them in a “would you rather” question (like Would you rather lose your pinky or have to watch one hour of WNBA basketball, once).  I’m going to add women’s world cup finals to my list (only if they feature the U.S), but I’ll watch almost anything with Alex Morgan.  This girl is not only hot, she is incredibly athletic (#1 college player in 2010), and apparently likes to party heavily and is also rumored to be posing in Playboy next month.  This girl has it all.  After the jump, enjoy a gallery of Alex in action, both on and off the field Continue reading

Sit Front Row on the World’s Steepest Roller Coaster

13 Jul

Watching this made me feel bad for all the death coasters I used to make my guests ride on in Roller Coaster Tycoon (did anyone else build roller coasters that just went off a cliff halfway through?  Am I a psychopath?)  I’ve been on my share of roller coasters in my day, including Kingda Ka at Six Flags which is the highest rollercoaster in the U.S.  Well of course Japan went ahead and did something completely ridiculous and what Americans weren’t smart enough to figure out and made the steepest roller coaster in the world.  Even worse, this thing is a complete mindfuck.  You start off in the pitch black, thinking most likely you are in for a space mountain like glory ride, and you are suddenly thrust into constant loops and absurd drops.  Then you stop, and it looks like you are done and about to get let off, and then boom, you get taken basically straight vertically  skyward, left to ponder whether you are going to live or die at the top, and then proceed to be dropped more than straight down.  I’m going to continue to sit in the comfort of my home watching roller coaster videos, but if anyone wants to travel to Japan and ride this, go for it.