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Skirt Jam of the Week – Cambio feat Bocafloja – I Need a Dollar

19 Oct

Just came across this remix of Aloe Blacc’s skirt jam of an original “I Need a Dollar,” which was used as the theme song in the underrated “How to Make it in America” which was devastatingly cancelled despite my public appeal which garnered millions of devoted NSD readers in my attempts.  People sneeringly called it “An Entourage rip-off in New York City.”  What?  Why are you sneering? Sounds like a great description of a show, and it was.  Either way, this remix is great and the video is worth a watch if only for the shots of NYC.  This video alone should get the rest of the NSD staff in DC on a train up to visit me.  I know you see this GaddafiDuck and DJStrongIsland. Enjoy the weekend.

NSD Approved: Lake Bell

2 Feb

Lake Bell is weirdly attractive.  She’s like one of those girls you don’t think is that hot when you first meet her, but every time you see her she gets a little more attractive.  Maybe it’s her personality, maybe it is how she dresses, maybe it’s a little bit of both.  Whatever your reasoning, everyone has those girls that they think are cute but their friends just don’t see it.  Lake Bell is one of those for me.  I had always seen her in shitty romcoms playing the “unlucky in love friend,” and honestly I never gave her much notice.  That changed when I started watching How to Make it in America, where she plays Ben’s ex-girlfriend as a quirky, fashion-savvy Brooklyn girl who quits her job to travel the world.  She comes off incredibly endearing and you also realize this: she is hot.  And apparently it’s not just me.  GQ and Esquire seem to share my weird affinity.  Either way, after the jump check out her whole spread in the always incredible Me in My Place.    Continue reading

NSD Approved: Gina Gershon

1 Dec

Yesterday, Don’tTazeMeBro wrote an article on how good the show ‘How to Make it in America’ is.  As much as I hate the ongoing, awkward, highschool-like relationship between Ben (Bryan Greenberg) and Rachel (Lake Bell), I agree, the show kicks ass!  However, Don’tTazeMeBro forgot to mention Gina Gershon.  Gina Gershon, in my opinion, is the hottest chick to be casted on the show.  Not only is she hot, she’s a cougar!  When you first see her on the show, you’ll never forget that exotic smile she has that immediately has you addicted to her.  So who is Gina Gershon?  Where have we all seen her before.  Not recently in anything big, that’s for sure.  But if you remember way back in the 90’s, she filled a role in an amazing movie.  Remember that movie where an undercover agent Continue reading

HBO needs to renew How to Make it In America for Season 3

30 Nov

I just started watching How to Make it in America on Sunday.  I had heard about it for the last year or so from people saying how great it was, but to me it just looked like a poor man’s entourage knock-off, but about guys who wanted to make it in the fashion world, an area I know nothing about.  I finally caved and watched the pilot on Sunday, and then…proceeded to watch the entire first season in a row.  And then the entire second season in a row.  The show is awesome.  It reminds me a lot of Entourage in its first season, where it was just a bunch of guys trying to be successful in the world, without random cameos appearing every 30 seconds.  Even better the show takes place in NYC, clearly the greatest place on the planet.  Season 2 just ended on Sunday, but HBO hasn’t yet committed to a third season. I don’t think HBO cancels anything (as is obvious from the fact that the truly horrible show Hung remains on the air), so hopefully they announce something soon.  In the meantime, if you haven’t seen it, each season is only 8 episodes of about 25 minutes each, and I guarantee you that if you watch one, you’ll watch them all.  Also worth noting that the show has a bunch of hot girls like Lake Bell (who gets naked in season 2 and looks truly fantastic), stars Scott Mescudi aka Kid Cudi in a supporting role, and regularly plays former skirt jams of the week at the end of every episode like the Bag Raider’s Shooting Stars or Avicii’s Levels.  Give the show a try, I promise you’ll like it.