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What is the best drama on television?

15 Oct

Does anyone know anyone who watches CSI?  Or NCIS? Or Law and Order: (any of them. How many are there now?  Are we down to 1?  Are there still like 7?)  Or those firefighter shows? Or any of those lawyer shows?  Or literally any drama on any network?  It’s bizarre that these shows are the biggest hits in the world, and yet I literally have never met ANYONE, EVER, who watches them.  And I live in New York City which is allegedly a melting pot of people from around the world.  That said, I’m sure there places in Wichita, Kansas (sorry for all the Wichita NSD fans out there, I am just pulling that name out of thin air.  At the end of the day more people from Turkey read this site than Kansas so I’m not worried) there’s no one that watches any of the shows I’m going to throw in the ring for the best show currently on TV.  At least the Emmy’s have finally figured this out too, nominating all dramas this year for Emmys.  The poll is below, and vote away.  From my perspective it’s probably Breaking Bad just because of it’s consistency over time, with 10-15 truly unbelievable episodes.  The others I put on the list are probably too new to crown as the best, but after the first two Homeland’s of this year I have high hopes.  And Game of Thrones–people who claim that “it’s too slow” and “not enough happened last season” should probably just go watch David Caruso investigate crime scenes on CSI Miami.  The show has about 6,000 pages of material to work with, sorry it’s not going to have a huge reveal at the end of every episode. Check back tomorrow for the best comedy. If you were wondering I realize this is completely untimely.  I realize the Emmy’s already happen.  I just feel like posting about this.  This is the beauty of having a blog.

Hilarious Game of Thrones Impressions

12 Jul

This guy should immediately be cast on SNL. He is already better than 90% of the current cast.  Even if he can literally ONLY do Game of Thrones impressions, this has life for at least one skit per episode. CAST THIS GUY RIGHT NOW.  The Khaleesi blast at the end is the best.

Game of Thrones: Who is the Hottest?

7 Jun

There is no doubt about it, the Game of Thrones series has HOT women. Not only are they hot, but the entire cast seems more than willing to get naked. There are so many great sex scenes that it makes every girl watching for the first time think that the show is  a porno. The show is amazing to begin with, and the second season just ended with an unbelievable finale; but which babe is your favorite? We’ll break down all the hotties from the first two seasons…

Some of the links below are NSFW.

Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys, also known as Khalessi, is arguably one of the hottest characters. She is naked within her first scene and ends the first season naked. She started the series off as the shy Targaryen princess who was sold of to be Kahl Drogo’s wife and Queen aka his girl to bang doggy style on the reg. However, she is now one of the most badsss characters on the show, marching through anything that gets in between her and the throne. Also, she has dragons that breathe fire. It doesn’t get cooler than that. Emilia Clarke, the actress playing Daenerys who oddly enough is a brunette in real life, is from England and hadn’t had a real role before Game of Thrones. Looks like casting turned out pretty damn well. She looks great on and off the screen.













If you watched season 2’s finale, you already know that Doreah will not be making it back for season 3. But for the first two Continue reading

NSD Approved: Miss USA Olivia Culpo

4 Jun

Last night after watching the truly incredible Game of Thrones season finale (if you don’t watch it, immediately leave your job, drive home, and watch the 20 episodes you have waiting for you. Why haven’t you done this sooner?  What’s wrong with you?  You should be ashamed of yourself), I obviously had to check in with the final five girls left on Miss USA.  First of all, the final “question” round is truly impossible.  Everyone always rips on these girls for being idiots, but that shit would be ridiculously hard for anyone.  They ask absurd questions out of nowhere and expect you to answer in front of millions of people?  One girl got “Talk about a time a girl was shown poorly in a movie and give an example.”  What?  I couldn’t answer that if you gave me 30 minutes to do research, let alone right away.  Or even worse, horribly controversial questions.  The girls go from having to look good in a bikini, to looking good in a dress, to doing full group dance routines, to showing an absurd talent like playing full Opuses on the violin, to suddenly having to offer their opinion on transgenders or abortion.  Come on.  Ridiculous competition.  That said, Miss Rhode Island aka the new Miss USA aka Olivia Culpo straight up KILLED IT in last night’s competition. After clearly being the hottest girl throughout, she dominated world class idiot Rob Kardashian’s question about transgenders, and immediately won.  Here’s hoping Olivia Culpo will go onto replacing Katherine Heigl and Cameron Diaz in romcoms.  Quick gallery after the jump. Continue reading

Game of Thrones Season 2 Looks Good

27 Feb

If you didn’t see Game of Thrones last season, you need to catch up quick because season 2 starts April 1st and is sure to be amazing.  I don’t care if you don’t like fantasy shows, or you think it’s like dungeons and dragons shit, believe me, it’s not.  I was equally skeptical as some of you are reading this, and about 20 minutes in you’ll be hooked.  If you like great writing, complex plots, hot naked girls, and over the top violence, this show is for you. THE KING OF THE NORTH. THE KING OF THE NORTH.

Hump Day Links of the Week

15 Jun

Someone named Laura Michelle Prestin is the Guys Gab hottie of the week (pictured above).  I look at this site every week and am furious at the ideas that they think of first.  This must be what the guy who started ExciteSearch thinks every time he has to google something. Full props to Guys Gab on this one I even tried to use a different picture, but the one they used was just better…Guys Gab…who are you?  Are you hiring?  Goddamit.    Guys Gab

Sean Bean who plays Ned Stark on Game of Thrones (amazing show if you don’t watch it) was in a bar fight over the weekend while he was in town with his porn star girlfriend April Summers. After getting stabbed in the arm with a shard of glass, he calmly went back inside and continued drinking.  In closing, Sean Bean is cooler than us. WWTDD

Arianny Celeste, who apparently is some sort of UFC girl, is in this commercial for Bud Light Lime….wow.  Was this really a commercial, on television?  Giggity Greg

Green Lantern reportedly cost $300 million to make.  One of the highest budgets of all time for a third-tier superhero with a small following, starring a guy best known for RomComs and a girl best known for her role on the CW?  Sounds like a good idea to me.  Yahoo

Mark Cuban’s Sunday night: His team won the NBA Championship, he bought a $90,000 bottle of champagne for his team and partied at a club in Miami until 5AM, then took the trophy with him on his private jet and into the bathroom on his way to the Cayman Islands to party with supermodels, Alec Baldwyn, and Lorne Michaels.  My Sunday night: I went to Subway and was pleased to see that they now have avocado spread.  I gladly ordered it and enjoyed my $5 footlong sandwich.  That was the highlight of my day. Turd Ferguson Blog

Continue reading