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Skirt Jam of the Week – Cambio feat Bocafloja – I Need a Dollar

19 Oct

Just came across this remix of Aloe Blacc’s skirt jam of an original “I Need a Dollar,” which was used as the theme song in the underrated “How to Make it in America” which was devastatingly cancelled despite my public appeal which garnered millions of devoted NSD readers in my attempts.  People sneeringly called it “An Entourage rip-off in New York City.”  What?  Why are you sneering? Sounds like a great description of a show, and it was.  Either way, this remix is great and the video is worth a watch if only for the shots of NYC.  This video alone should get the rest of the NSD staff in DC on a train up to visit me.  I know you see this GaddafiDuck and DJStrongIsland. Enjoy the weekend.

Bachelor Pad of the Week

21 Sep

This $12.9 million monster, recently listed for sale would make for the perfect bachelor pad.  The view, the pool, the home theater, as well as the modern design are essential for  throwing parties and keeping the ladies entertained.   Just ask Vinny Chase and the guys as this house was featured in several party scenes in Entourage.  Check out more pics below… Continue reading

Entourage Finale Thoughts and Movie Rumors

12 Sep

Of course last night was the Entourage series finale, after eight seasons on HBO.  For years, hipster douchebags who write TV blogs have hated on this show, usually with the common complaints that “no one would want to watch a rich asshole and his friends get with any girl they want” and that “everything always works out.”  They hate on the show’s writers for being lazy, and they hate how predictable the show is.  Granted, Entourage has had its ups and downs.  To be honest, the show never really got back to the levels of the first three seasons.  Seasons four and five were truly terrible, with retreads of all the same plots of the first three seasons (remember Smokejumpers?).  Luckily, about midway through season six the writer seemed to realize that the majority of viewers were tired of Vince, and decided to give each one of the other characters larger roles than Vince himself.  Continue reading

NSD Approved: Entourage’s Alice Eve

30 Aug

A few months ago, I put up a brief “Who’s Wearing this Skirt” post on Alice Eve and included a of couple pictures, only because I had seen her in the surprisingly funny “She’s Out of My League.” I ranted about how it’s ridiculous she’s not more famous, and left it at that.  Now Alice has landed a prime recurring guest spot on the final season of Entourage, and how the season is going, it looks like she could end up playing a major role in Vince’s life.  Alice plays Sophia, a super-serious British Vanity Fair writer who sees right through Vince and refuses to do anything but grill him on all the girls he’s slept with.  Vince obviously falls in love with her (who wouldn’t) and has spent the last three episodes pining for her.  My rant on why Alice Eve isn’t more famous isn’t done yet it turns out.  This girl is clearly one of the hottest girls in the world, and yet her last two years were a low-budget comedy and a TV show?  What is Hollywood doing?  I’m considering opening my own movie studio specializing in putting actual hot girls in movies.  Oh and I’ll make a Top Gun sequel too.  The studio will be called “Movies that everyone in the world will pay to see.”  Read it and weep Katherine Heigl.  Full gallery of photos of Alice Eve after the jump.

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Faceoff of the Week: Dana Gordon vs. Ari’s Wife

16 Aug

The main story line of this season of Entourage has been the falling out between Ari and his wife. After going on a date with Breanne Racano, who we profiled last week and even got a shout from our friends (not really) Sports Illustrated, Ari decides to call up his old friend (and lover), Dana Gordon. Dana has been an undercover hottie for years, with only passing references by the pair about their fiery past. Now Dana has emerged as the favorite to be Mrs. Gold by season end. But viewers have been quick to forget how hot Ari’s wife has been over the years. Of course she has been a world-class bitch at times, especially this season by dating Bobby Flay immediately after breaking up with Ari, (although in her defense, have you ever eaten at Mesa? Amazing). But she’s been pretty much every man’s ideal before that, still looking and acting incredibly sexy at age forty something. So the question is, do you go with the more down to earth girl (albeit ultra successful studio head) in Dana Gordon? Or the cougar-sexy Ari’s wife? By the way, their names are Constance Zimmer and Perrey Reeves. But that’s besides the point. On a side note, I’d bet all the money in my bank account (not much) that Ari and Dana Gordon end up together and decide to start their own production company at the end of the season. There’s no way that doesn’t happen. After the jump, enjoy a brief gallery of both and cast your votes.
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Who’s that Girl: Entourage’s Breanne Racano

9 Aug

As everyone knows, every episode of Entourage features a cast of ridiculously hot girls parading in the background. Watch the guys walk down the street, and note that literally every single person that walks by is a supermodel.  Maybe LA is actually like this?  This week’s episode featured Ari getting back into the dating game and going out with a ridiculously hot girl I’ve never seen before.  Turns out her name is Breanne Racano, a model/actress who went to Cal State and has been in literally 5 episodes of anything…ever.  I think we can all agree she is going to be getting slightly more famous after guest starring on Entourage.  At least she should.  I swear, if Katherine Heigl gets one more movie over girls like this….In the mean time, enjoy a gallery of some Breanne Racano pictures after the jump.  Continue reading

NSD Approved: Kate Mara

29 Jul

Kate Mara is the perfect girl-next-door type who I would wife up in a heartbeat.  Not only is she drop dead gorgeous but she has the cute innocent girlfriend type of personality.  For some reason, she is not too popular in the celebrity buzz, but if you’re not sure who she is, let me remind you because I know there has been a time everyone has seen her in a role and has obsessed over her.  You can find her as E’s first secretary in Entourage when he started working for Sloan’s Continue reading

Emmanuelle Chrqui Lesbian Scene – Torque Alert

14 Jul

In 2010, Emmanuelle Chrqui, commonly referred to as Sloan from Entourage, was in a movie called Elektra Luxx.  If you look on IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes you”ll see the ratings and reviews reveal that this movie sucks.  On the upside, the movie is about a porn star and is rated ‘R’ for sexual content and nudity so perhaps it’s worth checking out but don’t expect a plot any better than what you’ll find on pornhub.  I never heard about this movie until last week when my buddy sent me a clip of it from youtube, and I cannot believe it took me so long to see Continue reading

Entourage: Season 8

30 Jun

Entourage’s 8th season debuts on Sunday, July 24th, and will be the show’s final round.  Rumors are flying around that there might even be a movie to follow sometime down the road.  Although most will agree, the show has had a few seasons that weren’t up to par with the rest of them, I still hold Entourage as one of my favorites.  Vince’s roller coaster career has been an entertaining ride.  The thing that draws me in most is the feel good aspect that the show provides.  This is a show that describes the lives of a group of friends that every guy aspires to have.  The show displays exotic cars, gorgeous girls, and almost worry free lifestyles that give viewers a sense of motivation.  The development of the characters really make you Continue reading

Hump Day Links of the Week

8 Jun

Former Playmate of the Year Hope Dworaczyk posed for MeinmyPlace a couple weeks ago. If you haven’t heard of the website Me in My Place, you need to go there immediately.  If you stay on it for less than 3 hours you should be punched in the face.  The site takes random girls (not famous) and shoots them in their apartments, in varying degrees of undress (but no full nudity).  Esquire picked up on them and did a full story, and now they also feature models doing the same thing.  What an idea.  MeinmyPlace

ESPN scribe Bill Simmon’s launched his website Grantland today, a mix of sports and pop culture.  Simmons’ first article is a classic. Grantland

Turd Ferguson Blog apparently has something called “Titty Tuesday.”  I just fired three writers from NSD for not thinking of this first. Turd Ferguson Blog

A hot girl doing handstands for a minute and  a half.  I realize this sounds stupid, but…it’s not.  I just watched this three times in a row.  iBlackedOut

As you might have heard Lenny Dykstra was just busted for trying to steal a car.  Here’s a long but interesting article from ESPN a couple years back profiling Lenny, from his great baseball career, his initial success as a “stock picker,” and then his inevitable collapse.  Dykstra sounds like Charlie Sheen without the porn stars.  ESPN

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