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Who is DJ Flula? A Hilarious Person.

15 Nov

I don’t know who DJ Flula is.  I assume he’s some sort of DJ from somewhere in Europe who is touring around America.  I realize I could easily just google him but I prefer to live my live in ignorance.  Either way this guy is hilarious.  He takes randon American quirky things we just inherently understand and makes videos of him trying to figure them out. The best part is that he’s 100% truly confused and in some cases angry that he can’t figure them out.  He posts a new video every week and this one’s today, about the song Eeenie Meenie Minie, which if you think about it literally makes no sense and is also a dangerous tale for kids. Check out his other stuff too, the rock paper scissors one is great, as is shooting fish in a barrel and daddy long legs. I just bought you an hour of procrastination.  Enjoy.