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Hump Day Links of the Week

13 Jul

This is an incredibly boring link, it’s literally just Miranda Kerr jogging with her mom.  It’s important because A) it shows that she is returning to form as one of the hottest girls in the world after having a kid and B) it gave me an excuse to put up an awesome picture of her above.  Celebribabes

Every man in the world dreams of having a threesome.  It’s something that every man has on their bucket list but very few get to actually accomplish.  Unless you are a celebrity, really the only way to have a threesome is to get your girlfriend to agree to it.  Manosterone has a pretty funny list of the best ways to pick out the girl Manosterone

This has been around the web this week a lot already, but if you haven’t seen it, this guy stages an incredibly douchey way to propose to his girlfriend.  I don’t understand why everyone is praising this guy.  A) he proposed in a big group of people which is always terrible and embarasses everyone there and B) he faked death and laughed as his girlfriend almost had a heart attack.  Cool dude.  Fuck this guy.  GuysGab

20 NFL players have been arrested since the lockout began a few months ago.  Obviously, everyone predicted this.  You have hundreds of 22-29 year old, mostly single men who have millions of dollars in their bank accounts and have no jobs.  I would be arrested within minutes of this scenario.  Sports Behemoth

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