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New Batman Trailer Comes Out, I Still Want To See The Movie

21 Jun


Yet another Dark Knight Rises trailer has come out, making me want to watch the movie no less than every other trailer that has come out for the movie. At some point the studio needs to figure out what’s cost effective. I was ready to see the movie after the first trailer. Not only that but I really really wanted to see the movie after the first trailer. After the second, I wanted to see it even more. They sold me, when the movie came out, I was going to go see it. After three, four, and five, nothing has changed. I am still going to see the movie. I’m sure it doesnt cost that much to make these trailers but at some point the value added has to be pretty diminished.. Continue reading

Great Summer for Movies – New Batman, Bourne, and Bond

5 Jun

During the MTV Movie Awards we got to see a brand new trailer for the new Dark Knight Rises movie coming out July 20th. Between that, the new Bourne Legacy movie and the new James Bond movie there is a lot to look forward to. The summer is already an incredible season. The weather is great, you completely stop caring about work, and the beach exists. Always good when all this is complemented by three potentially great summer flicks.  Continue reading

Bootleg 7 minute Dark Knight Rises Trailer

14 Dec

Some kid went to the IMAX Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol and managed to bootleg the top half of the 7 minute trailer for Dark Knight Rises… May be the most awesome seven minutes of half a screen of a trailer I’ve ever seen. It’s only playing at 70MM IMAX theaters, of which there at only 42, so this may be your only chance to see this. From what I can tell from half an IMAX screen, this movie is going to be amazing. Tailer after the jump.  Continue reading