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NSD Approved: Maria Menounos

19 Apr

For anyone that missed our staff’s barrage of tweets on Monday, happy late National Skirt Day!  (follow us at @natlskirtday).  As this is the happiest time of the year, it’s time to welcome a new member to the NSD Approved family, the second hardest club to get into in the US (Augusta National being #1) obviously.  Welcome to Maria Menounos, who at this point is getting pretty damn close to entering the top five most marryable girls in the world category.  Not only is she smoking hot, her interests include sitting courtside at sporting events decked out in her team’s gear (although it sucks that she cheers for Boston, but she’s from there so it’s okay), going to the beach and wearing ridiculous bikinis, playing in charity softball events and looking incredible, and honoring absurd bets that she makes, including wearing a bikini in times square on national television.  Keep doing what you’re doing Maria.  And welcome to the club. Also as a side note, Derek Hough can go fuck himself with his make out sessions that he’s having with her right now on Dancing with the Stars.  Full gallery after the jump.   Continue reading

Faceoff of the Week: Elisabetta Canalis vs. Stacy Keibler

19 Sep

You may be wondering how this poll came about.  I’ll go right out and say it, I was watching Dancing with the Stars.  I was cruising the dials waiting for the Charlie Sheen Roast, and I stumbled across it as Elisabetta Canalis was dancing and…oh my god.  After watching, baffled, and wondering how George Clooney ever dumped this girl, (and immediately changing the channel when Nancy Grace began waltzing), I decided to make a competition out of it and pair Canalis up vs. Clooney’s new girlfriend, Stacy Keibler.  After looking at both…I truly don’t know who’s better.  All I do know is that I half hate George Clooney, and half have undying respect for him.  Clooney apparently broke up with Canalis because “she took too long to get ready when we went out,” and then immediately called Keibler since he “has been a fan over the years.” He also begins dating girls by saying “Listen you know I don’t marry girls right?”  I’ll give 5 NSD Dollars (currently highly valued vs. the US dollar) to every guy who tries that one on a girl he’s trying to date. Clooney’s whole life is mind-boggling at this point.   After the jump, enjoy a ton of pictures of each and cast your votes.

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The Girls of ESPN

17 May

Growing up, there was only one kind of reporter on ESPN: the loud and witty male personality (see Chris Berman, Keith Olbermann, Rich Eisen, Stuart Scott).  Sure, some women have always had roles on ESPN, but they were strictly regulated to women’s sports and at the most, WAC college football games.  Since its launch in 1972, ESPN has grown from a tiny cable network into the worldwide leader for sports broadcasting.  One channel has given way to ESPN2, ESPNClassic, ESPNews, ESPNU, ESPN 360, ESPNtheOcho, and I’m sure many others I don’t even know exist.  From one studio in Bristol, Connecticut, the network now broadcasts from LA, Miami, New York, and Charlotte.  But the biggest change in ESPN?  The women.  A few years back WNBA announcers gave way to the best invention since that flavored popcorn powder they get you at the movie theater: the sideline reporter.  Stuck watching a Redskins-Bengals Monday Night Football game with the score 3-0 in the 3rd quarter, quick let’s cut to….Erin Andrews on the sideline!  What a breath of fresh air.  And now it’s not just sideline reporters. Women host SportsCenter, report on the NFL labor negotiations, and host their own shows.  While I am with the rest of the American male population there’s nothing worse than hearing Pam Ward commentating a game, I fully support these hot and smart women infiltrating ESPN’s male dominated culture.  As next week marks the release of Those Guys Have All the Fun, the behind-the-scenes, tell-all novel of the sports network’s humble beginnings all the way to the behomoth it is today, we here at NSD thought it was the perfect time to look at all the of the women working for ESPN today.

We’ll start with Erin Andrews, easily the hottest woman sports reporter of all time. Continue reading

Who’s Wearing this Skirt?

4 May

Hint: She is a former girlfriend of a much older entrepreneur. She is now married to a NFL player and was just eliminated as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars.

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What Not to Do on Skirt Day

28 Apr

Since the warm weather has been upon us, and we have seen consecutive days of 80+ degrees of sun and heat, the season has sprung and we are now in full skirt mode.  If you see a gathering of your coworkers standing by the windows of your office it’s most likely because they are pointing out all of the skirts and sundresses on the street below.  Since this movement has started, as most of you have already experienced, stealth skirt missions have been in effect.  Although to some it may be obvious as to the reasoning on why to operate your camera phone in stealth mode, to others it may not.  For that reason, I have provided the top 5 What Not to do on Skirt Day:

5.  Don’t yell out skirt day and point while jumping up and down when you see a group of ladies walking by in skirts.  Although the visual may cause excitement, and you feel the need to point out the obvious to your buddy standing less than 14 inches away from you, refrain from the desire to draw this type of attention to yourself. Continue reading