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Skirt Jam of the Week – Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz – Get Low

27 Apr

This may seem like a strange pick, since we typically pick new music for our skirt jams. But there are some skirt jams that are timeless. Like Frank Sinatra did for cocktail bars, Lil Jon & his East Side Boyz have done for skirt jams. There’s no better song to start off the weekend than this beautiful ballad, Get Low. Lil Jon should also be commended for convincing girls everywhere, and classy girls, mind you, that shouting THIS SWEAT DROPS DOWN MY BALLS. ALL THESE BITCHES CRAWL. AW SKEET SKEET MOTHERFUCKER. AW SKEET SKEET HOT DAMN is a perfectly legitimate and unoffensive thing to yell. It’s truly a thing of beauty to watch uptight, classy girls slowly start to move when this song comes on at a bar (or remember high school dances? This was the Ni**as in Paris of 11th grade. They played this shit 4 times at my junior prom) and then proudly shout out the chorus. This is also the time to congratulate guest writer and creator of the Cuts O’ Beef series from last year, MemoFromTurner, a proud supporter of this song who is getting married this weekend to a true Filet. All of us here at NSD hope you add this one to the reception playlist, because what’s better than watching the 75 year olds shout this one from the rooftops.