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T.J. Miller is Hilarious

8 Nov

Unless you have seen She’s Out of My League or Get Him to the Greek, you might have no idea who T.J. Miller is.  (He also was apparently in Yogi Bear, but if you’ve seen that and not the other two I mentioned then that’s just embarassing for you and you should immediately navigate away from this site and never return.) Miller hilariously played a bit role in Get Him to the Greek, as the hotel desk clerk who helps Jonah Hill get heroin.  And he was hilarious throughout in She’s Out of My League, where he played Jay Baruchel’s best friend Stainer.  Literally everything that comes out of this guy’s mouth is hilarious.  Turns out he is a seasoned vet on the stand up scene, and finally seems to be hitting it big.  This Saturday, Miller hosts his first comedy central special No Real Reason which I’m sure will be great.  If you don’t laugh at the clip of him on Conan a few months back telling the story about his driver’s license then you have no soul.  This guy’s awesome.