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Is Christina Aguilera Making A Comeback?

5 Sep

Christina Aguilera has been in a downward spiral the past few years, as she has become rather large as seen on American Idol. She is one of those girls I just don’t understand… She can look unbelievably hot in her prime, in a way where you can’t even imagine her any lower than a 9/10; however, when she looks bad she looks really bad. We all wondered what happened to the girl from Genie In The Bottle. She claimed she was happy either her weight when it skyrocketed, but we all know this couldn’t be the truth. She recently Continue reading

NSD Approved: Vanessa Hudgens

21 Jun

For weeks I’ve wanted to include Vanessa Hudgens in one of the Matchups of the Week, similar to Bar Rafaeli vs. Blake Lively.  The problem was, who is similar to her?  Sure, I could have done “Former Disney Channel stars who are now incredibly hot,” but who does that leave?  I could have done Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera, but they haven’t been that attractive since the late 90’s.  I could have done someone like Ashley Tisdale, but she’s mediocre-at-best.  I considered Hilary Duff, but she’s not famous anymore.  The best choice was Aly Michalka, who is definitely hot but just doesn’t have the same allure that Hudgens does.  So thank Vanessa Hudgens for a new feature: NSD Approved.  We’ll alternate these with matchups, but we promise we’ll only reserve them for girls of no parallel, for girls who we approve as true ambassadors and pioneers of National Skirt Day, for the type of girls who are the very reason we get so excited about National Skirt Day each year.  NSD Approved girls are the top of the skirt wearing world: the Michael Jordans if you will.  Hudgens is one of these.  She started out innocent enough (albeit hot then too), starring in the hugely popular High School Musical movies with Zac Efron and the aforementioned Ashley Tisdale.  But even in her teeny bopper days, you knew Hudgens had a wild side when nude pictures of her were released, causing the straight-edge Disney Channel huge embarassment and male teenagers everywhere happiness.  After finishing the last of the HSM movies, Hudgens dumped Zac Efron and moved into the next phase of her life: partying, posing in increasingly sexual magazine spreads, and partying all over the world.   Recently Hudgens was seen taking molly at the Coachella festival (her publicist said it was white chocolate.  What a lazy response.  Does she expect anyone to believe that?  I know I always bring bagged white chocolate to music festivals with 100 degree heat for one), while more nude pictures were leaked.  Hudgens is also multi-talented, winning rave reviews for her turn on Broadway in Rent, and has a bunch of movies lined up.  Here’s hoping that she replaces ugly stars like Cameron Diaz or Katherine Heigl and gives us something to get excited about at the movies again.  Full gallery after the jump. Continue reading