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Guest Post: Best Cruises for TwentySomethings

6 Sep

Summer is over.  Sure, there is still some warm weather left, but the wild weekends at beach bars and summer hotspots are basically over, as college is back in session and your bosses are actually back in the office expecting you to do things.  Of course fall is a great season of its own, with football (and tailgates) and great drinking holidays like halloween.  There’s also cruises, which hit up the Caribbean all year round.  Of course, it’s important that you don’t end up on an old person’s cruise or something out of the movie Boat Trip, so a list of the best cruises for twentysomethings is key.  Luckily, an avid NSD reader decided to write in with a guest post, and we thank him for that.  -Don’tTazeMeBro

So you want to go on a cruise. You crave the open sea, the gentle rocking of the ship as it traverses the oceans to satisfy your wanderlust. The majesty of a gargantuan floating city and the mystery of faraway lands combine to form this, the vacation of your dreams. The only problem is that you’re about half a century younger than everybody else on that wavelength.

Yep, it’s true what they say about cruises. They are filled with old people. They’re relatively expensive so they suit the wealthy retired sorts, and they provide a practical and effective way of seeing the world without too much physical movement. In fact they’re ideally set up for the elderly because the bars and restaurants are linked by elevators and long, wide, perfectly flat corridors. The sedate pace probably reminds them of growing up in New England, too.

But cruising more than just a practical way to holiday with a zimmer frame. It’s about exploring the world in comfort, socialising with like-minded people and being pampered by a crew of hundreds, often more. It’s also about the staggering engineering feat that is the cruise ship. Take the MS Independence of the Seas, for example, operated by Royal Caribbean. Continue reading

Memorial Day Weekend: The Start of Everything That’s Good in the World

27 May

Happy Memorial Day Weekend: the inaugural weekend of everything great in the year. Sure, Memorial Day weekend marks the start of the biggest and most entertaining movies of the year, with Hangover II, X-Men, Transformers 3, Captain America, and my personal favorite 5Nal Destination. But we aren’t here to talk about sitting in a dark theater this weekend (sorry, nerds).  MDW is no time to be sitting inside.  Pools (and pool bars) open this weekend.  Barbecues abound.  Beaches open all their carnival rides where you think you may die the entire time while riding them.  And of course, girls begin wearing skirts every day for the next three months.   There is literally no activity in the world that isn’t made better by the presence of pools, grills (the cooking kind, not blinged out teeth, although you could make an argument for either), and hot girls.  And that’s what we are here to celebrate.  We’ll be back next week, but in the meantime, enjoy the weekend, and this slideshow of some pictures of the hottest girls we could find doing Memorial Day related activities.

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