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Halloween Came Early This Year – Courtesy of Victoria’s Secret

31 Jul

Here is Candice Swanpeoel and a collection of new breathtaking Halloween-themed lingerie from Victoria’s Secret. I’m guessing she was bored of summer lingerie and decided she didn’t want to wait for October; July was good enough for extremely provocative costumes. Maybe this is how they do it in South Africa, I don’t know for sure but Candice is on to something. Check out the pics below and prepare to drool…

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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Recap

30 Nov


Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima


There is no excuse for any guy to have missed the 2011 Victoria’s Secret show last night.  However, in the event someone idiotically booked a flight or decided to work a night shift during the hour, we have you covered.  Check below for the gallery… Continue reading