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The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is Tonight

29 Nov

Tonight is one of the better TV nights of the year: The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.  Not only does the show line up hands down the 15 hottest girls on the planet (Miranda Kerr, Candace Swanepoel, Erin Hetherton, Allessandra Ambrosio, Adrian Lima being the top 5), it also brings in a ridiculous set of artists every year to play their hits while the supermodels walk around them.  This year it’s Jay Z, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, and Maroon 5.  The thing to remember is DO NOT WATCH THIS WITH GIRLS.  Girls spend the first 30 minutes saying things like “she’s too skinny!” and “I honestly don’t even think that one is that attractive,” followed by spending the last 30 minutes angrily saying things to the guys in the room like “Is that how you want us to look?” and “Guess I’ll be starving myself for the next 3 months.”  Do yourself a favor and don’t invite any girls over for this one.  The video is some highlights from tonight’s show since it was filmed a few weeks ago.  Does anyone have a better life than Adam Levine right now?  His job is to literally sing a few songs in front of thousands of adoring fans, and then afterward he bangs his supermodel girlfriend.  That’s his life.  Like the worst part of his life is when he’s working, and by working I mean he is singing songs.  Fuck off Adam Levine.

Hump Day Links of the Week

24 Aug

It’s been a few weeks since our last Hump Day Links of the Week, and I’m putting the blame fully on myself.  While we were gone, there was some great stuff on the web which you obviously missed since NSD is the only website you all read.

I have no idea who this girl is, and Turd Ferguson blog didn’t provide any commentary.  They literally just posted it, and said “Francesca Frigo can Get it!”  I agree….whoever this is….can get it. This girl is ridiculous though regardless. Turd Ferguson Blog

Guys Gab’s Thong Battle is more consistent than Roy Halladay. Week after week, you can count on this post to be solid. GuysGab

Batmanning is the latest trend to hit the web in the vein of planking and leisure dives, and this one is definitely the hardest.  Even if you somehow can get on top of the door, you stand a 99% of immediately falling, breaking your neck, and dying.  I’m betting this one doesn’t catch on. iBlackedOut

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