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ESPN Body Issue 2012

11 Jul

The ESPN body issue is always a little conflicting for us here at National Skirt Day. Obviously everyone enjoys a fit girl. If she’s so jacked that she could clearly kick the shit out of you, then you’re in trouble. This dilemma is one that is common when playing hot or not with the girls of the ESPN Body Issue. Check out the pics below and see for yourself.

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The Cut O’ Beef Index: Part III

27 Apr

Guest writer MemoFromTurner unveils two more cuts in his series on the Cut O’ Beef Index.  Be sure to read Part I and Part II if you haven’t already.

Cut O’ Beef: Porterhouse
Celebrity Example: Candace Parker
Song: “Long Tall Sally” by Little Richard

Our next Cut O’ Beef is the Porterhouse.  You know those restaurants that give you a free meal and put your name on the wall if you can manage to finish a massive 64-ounce steak?  Porterhouses are the female equivalent: extremely tall, often beautiful girls that are unfortunately unavailable to any guy that is not big enough to handle such a large woman.  Porterhouses have horrible anxiety about appearing goon-like while socializing with men that they dwarf and will instantly latch on to any guy that is a few inches taller than them.  This is great news for 6-foot plus guys like me who find themselves firmly locked in the sights of these Amazons desperate to unleash their pent-up insecurities and anxieties on any man tall enough to wear heels out to dinner with.  Continue reading