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What Is Going To Happen To Walter White?

23 Sep

Breaking Bad

Only one episode left in the Breaking Bad series. Next Sunday the finale will tell all, and Vince Giligan has informed us the show will be conclusive. So, this isn’t going to be an ending like Lost where most people don’t quite understand it. Vince gave a clue about the ending and said the word “woodworking” will be the theme of the episode. Not sure what that means but I have a few of my own theories on how the show will end.

Walter White is back in town and we’re not sure what he is planning to do. It seems like he is ready to go on a rampage by the look of the machine gun in his trunk. Most likely he wants to get the rest of his money back from Jack, who stole it after they killed Hank a few episodes ago. Walter most likely also wants to make good with his family. However, I’m not sure if it’s possible to get his family to forgive him unless he turns himself in to the authorities.

So is Walter White going to die at the end? If Walter does die, I think Jesse kills him. Jessie and Walter have been the main characters since episode one a few years ago. It only makes sense, that after all the manipulation and problems caused by Walter, that Jesse is the one to take him out. I do think Walter will die, and I think a great ending would be if Walter Junior found the original video tape that Walter recorded in the first episode from season one. If you remember, Walter made a quick video right before he was about to be arrested saying that he was sorry and his intentions were to do everything for his family. Maybe that is the only other way to get his family’s respect back if he is killed off.

Well, we have a week to wait, but I’m sure it’s going to be a great ending. Also don’t forget, there is going to be a spin off on Saul’s life that takes place before the Breaking Bad timeline. “Better Call Saul”.

What is the best drama on television?

15 Oct

Does anyone know anyone who watches CSI?  Or NCIS? Or Law and Order: (any of them. How many are there now?  Are we down to 1?  Are there still like 7?)  Or those firefighter shows? Or any of those lawyer shows?  Or literally any drama on any network?  It’s bizarre that these shows are the biggest hits in the world, and yet I literally have never met ANYONE, EVER, who watches them.  And I live in New York City which is allegedly a melting pot of people from around the world.  That said, I’m sure there places in Wichita, Kansas (sorry for all the Wichita NSD fans out there, I am just pulling that name out of thin air.  At the end of the day more people from Turkey read this site than Kansas so I’m not worried) there’s no one that watches any of the shows I’m going to throw in the ring for the best show currently on TV.  At least the Emmy’s have finally figured this out too, nominating all dramas this year for Emmys.  The poll is below, and vote away.  From my perspective it’s probably Breaking Bad just because of it’s consistency over time, with 10-15 truly unbelievable episodes.  The others I put on the list are probably too new to crown as the best, but after the first two Homeland’s of this year I have high hopes.  And Game of Thrones–people who claim that “it’s too slow” and “not enough happened last season” should probably just go watch David Caruso investigate crime scenes on CSI Miami.  The show has about 6,000 pages of material to work with, sorry it’s not going to have a huge reveal at the end of every episode. Check back tomorrow for the best comedy. If you were wondering I realize this is completely untimely.  I realize the Emmy’s already happen.  I just feel like posting about this.  This is the beauty of having a blog.

Who is Jesse Pinkman AKA Aaron Paul’s girlfriend? Lauren Parsekian. Hot.

11 Oct

I don’t really need to say anything more than what the title of this said but I’ll make a couple comments I guess.  If you were watching the Emmy’s a couple weeks back you obviously were cheering for Aaron Paul to win for the truly incredible show Breaking Bad (maybe the best show on TV.  It’s hard to tell with Game of Thrones and Homeland but it’s in the conversation) when they flashed over to him and oh my god….who is his girlfriend…..She is legitimately one of the hottest girls I’ve ever seen.  I was in a room of 5 guys (you guys don’t sit around with your bros and watch the Emmys on Sunday nights?  Listen we were switching back and forth  between football and that) and there was just a long silence followed by a “ohh……..who…..”  She elicited that reaction across the country, Twitter tells me.  The pictures maybe don’t do her justice, you should have seen her during the show.  Just seemed cool as shit and so happy.  She also is legitimately not a celebrity at all which is pretty awesome, there are basically no pictures of her on the internet without Aaron Paul standing next to her making a smirk that says “yeah fuck you i’m a millionaire emmy winning actor and I’m getting married to this girl.”  Yep that’s right–he’s engaged.  Aaron Paul–keep living the dream.  Full gallery (all 10 pictures) after the jump. Continue reading

NSD Approved: Krysten Ritter

29 Aug

Everyone has girls like Krysten Ritter.  Girls that aren’t hot in a normal way.  Girls that when you say you think they are amazingly hot the whole group laughs and tells you that you’re an idiot.  Krysten Ritter was like that for me.  She wore boots in movies, was kind of gothic, was pale, and had a great sense of humor.  She had a great role in Breaking Bad, only strengthening my adoration (Breaking Bad unbelievable show by the way if you haven’t seen). She was hilarious in She’s Out of My League as the bitchy best friend.  But then she just went ahead and said “oh hey everyone who thought I was just some punk girl with a good sense of humor, look at me in Esquire…” And wow.  Ritter posed for the always great Me in my Place spread for Esquire and left any doubt aside on whether she is hot or not.  She now stars in the truly terrible looking “Don’t Trust the B**** in Apartment 23” that you couldn’t put a gun to my head to make me watch.  But Ritter.  Wow.  NSD Approved.  In my mind anyway….am I still alone? Gallery after the jump.  Continue reading