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NSD Staff heads to Bonnaroo tonight

6 Jun

Wish us luck.  Couldn’t be more excited, and also lucky to be alive after attending EDC in NYC only 2 weeks ago.  Renting a badass RV with a bunch of flat screens, 9 beds, and a full kitchen so we can make delicious food the whole time AKA eat cheese puffs all weekend.  Most pumped for Saturday night: Childish Gambino, Dispatch, The Roots, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Skrillex ALL IN A ROW.  Also excited for: Beach Boys, Radiohead, fun., Foster the People, Young the Giant, Ludacris, Big Gigantic, and about a million others.  And obviously going to Silent Disco every single night, where they a DJ plays a set in complete silence and they pass out headphones to everyone.   A couple other staff members will be hanging around our offices but hoping to have some posts on our Twitter (@natlskirtday).  I’m sure my phone will die about 5 hours in so don’t expect much.  Wish us luck.

Skirt Jam of the Week – Young the Giant – My Body

17 Feb

Mid-February is the toughest stretch to get through on our neverending path towards the summer ie NSD weather.  Just know you’ve made it this far, you can make it another month or two.  December is out the door, January is long gone, and February is basically over since we’re to President’s day weekend already.  As was evident by our twitter exploding last week, there have already been some cheapy half-NSD’s across DC and NYC with suprise 55 degree days.  Once we hit into March we’ll be sure to get a few more previews before the big show.  In the meantime, bands like Young the Giant help get us through this last tough stretch.   Continue reading

Skirt Jam of the Week – Pretty Lights – I Know the Truth

27 Sep

Over the weekend I went to Popped Philadelphia, a two-day concert festival featuring a bunch of bands including Foster The People, Girl Talk, and Pretty Lights.  Foster the People, probably my favorite band of the moment, put on a great show playing pretty much all of their songs (they only have one album), showing great energy throughout.  Then Girl Talk came on and…wow.  For anyone who immediately dismisses him as “just some guy who plays songs”….go see a show in person, believe me.  Finally, after what I thought were an impossible two acts to follow, Pretty Lights came on.  I’d heard some of his songs before but always figured they’d be way better live, and I was right.  Unbelievable.  It’s tough to choose one, but since everyone is probably more familiar with his hits like Hot Like Sauce and Finally Moving, I thought I’d put up another good one, I Know the Truth, from Bonnaroo this year.  It’s a little hard to fully appreciate these songs just from a YouTube video, since when you’re in person you get the full effect of the light show and stadium audio (and the 25 beers you drank before). Either way, after this weekend I’ve decided I’m going to quit being a legitimate human being and just spend the next 3-4 years touring the country going to festivals like this, so it’s been nice knowing everyone.  DJStrongIsland will be posting in my absence.  See everyone in 2015.