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Hot Patriotic Girls Bringing you into Fourth of July Weekend

1 Jul

Happy Fourth of July Weekend, perhaps the best holiday of the year. Independence Day reigns because of the simple fact that everyone tries their absolute hardest to be as patriotic as possible during the weekend in a race to see who can be the truest American. Shouts of “FREEDOM” abound as illegal fireworks are shot in the air.  A massive quantity of Budweiser (they also have those American flag cans which are awesome right now) is consumed, thousands of hot dogs and hamburgers are cooked, and best of all, millions of women break out their American flag bikinis for the event.  All throughout the year people whine and complain about how terrible America is, how Europe has it “all figured out” with their healthcare and quality of life, how the Chinese are lapping us in economy and technology, how we are a lagging nation, etc, etc.  A new crop of “important” actors pop up who will move to Canada if we don’t stop the war.  The Fourth of July is the one time of year where everyone seems to realize “what the fuck was I talking about all year?” and realizes how great our country really is.  After the jump, in honor of America, we’ve compiled a gallery of some of the hottest women over the years to ever strap on the iconic American flag bikini.  And if my little speech and the gallery of hot girls didn’t get you excited for the weekend, I’ve included a video of perhaps the greatest speech of all time from the aptly-titled classic Independence Day. Enjoy the weekend everyone.

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Fashion Idea #1 for Girls: Body Paint

28 Jun

Once in a generation, a pure genius graces the earth with his or her presence.  Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity; Thomas Edison the lightbulb.  But here at NSD we like to focus on the few that not only have revolutionized the way that we see girls in society, but have convinced girls that what they are doing is legitimate.  First came the guy who convinced girls that wearing leggings instead of pants was acceptable in society. Formerly worn strictly under dresses in the summertime, suddenly girls across the nation were wearing them in everyday life: to study in the library, to go pick up some coffee, all the while men everywhere could clearly see their lady parts.  Yoga Pants (equally great as leggings) have also made a recent surge into popularity, with similar results.  But the man who convinced girls (and police officers) that wearing body paint doesn’t count as being naked clearly takes the cake.  A few years back, Sports Illustrated decided to save money on bathing suits for their swimsuit issue and instead just paint all of their models, barely covering their boobs and nether regions and delighting males around the globe.  Recently, normal girls everywhere have begun to wear body paint in public as well, most notably for sporting events (see: Vancouver Canucks fans).  Even better, global brands like Sobe have employed hot actresses like Jessica Szohr and Ashley Greene to take it all off for their campaign, photographing them lounging around drinking Sobe in body paint. When our children and our children’s children are reading about the yoga pant and body paint pioneers of the day, we can nod our heads wistfully and say “I was there.”  We here at NSD are realists.  We know that the weather doesn’t permit wearing skirts year-round.  What we’ll try to do with our periodic fashion articles is provide other ideas for women besides skirts.  Fashion tip #1: try out body paint!  I hear it can actually be very warming, not to mention freeing.  Until then, enjoy a full gallery of hot girls in body paint after the jump.

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