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Search Engine Terms

21 Jun

One of my favorite NSD related things to do is go through the search terms that bring people to the site. WordPress compiles all kinds of stats about what brings people to the site and what countries they’re from. I’m always interested in what brings people to National Skirt Day, so I thought our readers may be interested as well.

Obviously, the thing that brings people first and foremost to the blog are posts related to naked celebrities, playboy shoots, the occasional nip slip, or every once in a while the full on crazy, animated, butt sex craving, cell phone pics (looking at you olivia munn..). Therefore, it should be no surprise that the search terms that most frequently bring people to NSD include:

Oliva Munn (Cell Phone Pics)

Blake Lively (Cell Phone Pics)

and Lindsay Lohan Playboy (pics)

Certain celebrities also have a different appeal, especially ones who are relatively new (but ridiculously hot) like Hannah Simone from New Girl or Kate Mara from Entourage. Others also make sense, like Kate Middleton searches skyrocketing during the Royal Wedding. Obviously it makes sense that “Kate Middleton Ass pics” would yield over 8,000 visits for NSD. What you might not have realized is that we actually also have a classy group of visitors who have arrived at our site over 125 times by searching “Duchess of Cambridge Ass”.

There is also a whole slew of search terms that are completely bizarre. Favorites include: Continue reading

Hump Day Links of the Week

8 Jun

Former Playmate of the Year Hope Dworaczyk posed for MeinmyPlace a couple weeks ago. If you haven’t heard of the website Me in My Place, you need to go there immediately.  If you stay on it for less than 3 hours you should be punched in the face.  The site takes random girls (not famous) and shoots them in their apartments, in varying degrees of undress (but no full nudity).  Esquire picked up on them and did a full story, and now they also feature models doing the same thing.  What an idea.  MeinmyPlace

ESPN scribe Bill Simmon’s launched his website Grantland today, a mix of sports and pop culture.  Simmons’ first article is a classic. Grantland

Turd Ferguson Blog apparently has something called “Titty Tuesday.”  I just fired three writers from NSD for not thinking of this first. Turd Ferguson Blog

A hot girl doing handstands for a minute and  a half.  I realize this sounds stupid, but…it’s not.  I just watched this three times in a row.  iBlackedOut

As you might have heard Lenny Dykstra was just busted for trying to steal a car.  Here’s a long but interesting article from ESPN a couple years back profiling Lenny, from his great baseball career, his initial success as a “stock picker,” and then his inevitable collapse.  Dykstra sounds like Charlie Sheen without the porn stars.  ESPN

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Hot Girls With iPhones

2 Jun

Next week Steve Jobs will be announcing iCloud, iOS 5, and Mac OS X Lion at the WWDC keynote.  What is the best way to prepare for this event?  HOT GIRLS WITH IPHONES!  Not to mention, Blake Lively’s naked pics turned up on the web this week and she was using an iPhone!

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Hump Day Links of the Week

1 Jun

Blake Lively: Naked pictures from two years ago were released yesterday.  Two words: Holy shit.  Her publicist has since come out and denied they are real…which after looking at them you can tell she is clearly lying.  Wow.   Barstool Sports (NSFW)  UPDATE (6/2/11): The guy who released them got pissed since everyone was saying they were fake and subsequently released 12 more photos clearly proving they are her. Not sure what the publicist’s next move is here past fleeing into Mexico never to be seen again.  What Would Tyler Durden Do (NSFW)

An 84 Egg Sandwich to start the day.  I feel like I could eat this right now and still be hungover afterward. iBlackedOut

Jessica Fegan is attractive and is Turd Ferguson Blog’s June Model of the Month Turd Ferguson Blog

This site does a weekly “thong battle.”  Why didn’t we think of this first?  Guys Gab

Moving is literally the worst thing in the world.  Pretty good business idea by these guys.  Verdict is out on whether these are legit movers or exclusively serial killers and robbers.  But interesting nonetheless.  MapDispatch

This guy won $15 million playing blackjack in Atlantic City a couple weeks ago.  Part of me thinks this is awesome and the other part is filled with self-loathing at the amount of money I’ve lost over the years in that god forsaken place.  Daily Mail

The cast of Jersey Shore still showing Italians how we roll in America.  And no, in this case this is not a good thing.  Celebribabes

This guy is training for a spartan race, which sounds absolutely terrible.  Reading this makes me upset about the fury and fear I feel when I see the subway elevator is broken.  BroBible

Hedge fund manager John Paulson made $155 a second last year.  So in the time it takes you to take a shit, play a couple rounds of brick breaker on your phone, and wash your hands, this guy most likely made more than your yearly salary.  Who wants to start a hedge fund?  National Skirt Day Capital Management has a nice ring to it.  CNN Money

Faceoff of the Week: Bar Refaeli vs. Blake Lively

20 May

Through time, one of the age-old questions that has plagued men has been what to do about women.  A caveman in his youth (we’ll call him BamBam here) enjoyed the pleasures of many women in the village, getting to sample a little of each before finding their lifelong mate.  As BamBam settled into his life of monogamy, at first it went great, as they enjoyed the many pleasures of a long-term relationship.  But over time his mind began to wander.  Why couldn’t he still sample around a little if he wanted?  What was the harm?  As everyone knows, this single thought by young BamBam eventually caused the obliteration of man and the first great ice age. But the new generation is once again plagued by this problem.  One man, Leonardo DiCaprio, seems to have it all figured out.  DiCaprio has sampled some of the best in the world for years, being photographed arm in arm with dozens of supermodels on his yacht (sounds like a normal Tuesday to me). But he’s also enjoyed all of the pleasures of monogamy as well, with girls like Emma Miller, Giselle Bundchen, and most recently, Bar Refaeli.  It’s this last relationship that we’ll center in on now, as DiCaprio has seemingly conquered the unsolvable conundrum of having his cake, but ALSO EATING IT.  I know it seems difficult to wrap your head around, but he’s done the unthinkable.  He’s dated Bar (a top five hottest girl in the world) for years, but on an “on and off” basis.  The difference is when it’s “on”, they are a married couple for years at a time, travelling the world and enjoying the life of monogamy.  When they are “off”, however, DiCaprio doesn’t waste time.  After a couple months of cruising around banging supermodels, Leo and Bar calmly reunite and continue dating like nothing happened.  Continue reading