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This Dorm Room looks Incredible

2 May

It’s obvious this kid is a genius.  I have no idea how you would even begin to set something like this us, and to go along with his technical prowess, he made it incredibly practical but also hilarious.  The question is, does that Romantic mode ever get any use?  About 3 minutes in I was starting to have that bad feeling that in a few years Sorkin would be writing snappy dialogue for the latest movie about a boy genius who never get any ass and now is a huge dick to everyone.  Four minutes in, on party mode, with blasting Levels?  Come on.  This kid is banging girls every night.  Awesome stuff.   Worth noting that the background music for the first section was the same that was used for the equally incredible-looking google glasses video a few weeks back.  Lends itself perfectly to cool technology videos I guess.