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Who’s that Girl: Entourage’s Breanne Racano

9 Aug

As everyone knows, every episode of Entourage features a cast of ridiculously hot girls parading in the background. Watch the guys walk down the street, and note that literally every single person that walks by is a supermodel.  Maybe LA is actually like this?  This week’s episode featured Ari getting back into the dating game and going out with a ridiculously hot girl I’ve never seen before.  Turns out her name is Breanne Racano, a model/actress who went to Cal State and has been in literally 5 episodes of anything…ever.  I think we can all agree she is going to be getting slightly more famous after guest starring on Entourage.  At least she should.  I swear, if Katherine Heigl gets one more movie over girls like this….In the mean time, enjoy a gallery of some Breanne Racano pictures after the jump.  Continue reading