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Entourage Finale Thoughts and Movie Rumors

12 Sep

Of course last night was the Entourage series finale, after eight seasons on HBO.  For years, hipster douchebags who write TV blogs have hated on this show, usually with the common complaints that “no one would want to watch a rich asshole and his friends get with any girl they want” and that “everything always works out.”  They hate on the show’s writers for being lazy, and they hate how predictable the show is.  Granted, Entourage has had its ups and downs.  To be honest, the show never really got back to the levels of the first three seasons.  Seasons four and five were truly terrible, with retreads of all the same plots of the first three seasons (remember Smokejumpers?).  Luckily, about midway through season six the writer seemed to realize that the majority of viewers were tired of Vince, and decided to give each one of the other characters larger roles than Vince himself.  Continue reading

Who’s that Girl: Entourage’s Breanne Racano

9 Aug

As everyone knows, every episode of Entourage features a cast of ridiculously hot girls parading in the background. Watch the guys walk down the street, and note that literally every single person that walks by is a supermodel.  Maybe LA is actually like this?  This week’s episode featured Ari getting back into the dating game and going out with a ridiculously hot girl I’ve never seen before.  Turns out her name is Breanne Racano, a model/actress who went to Cal State and has been in literally 5 episodes of anything…ever.  I think we can all agree she is going to be getting slightly more famous after guest starring on Entourage.  At least she should.  I swear, if Katherine Heigl gets one more movie over girls like this….In the mean time, enjoy a gallery of some Breanne Racano pictures after the jump.  Continue reading