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It’s Alex Morgan in Bodypaint

12 Feb

If the title of this post doesn’t make you curious you should calmly navigate away from this page and check out a site maybe more geared to your needs, say Pinterest or GoodHousekeeping.com.  Otherwise, like I’ve stated away, I’d like to publicly commend whoever was the first to convince girls that wearing body paint was the same thing as wearing clothing.  And I’d also like to punch every guy in the world who works as a “body paint artist.”  Besides Anthony Bourdain and Avicii, that guy has to have the world’s best job.  His work shift involves flying to a Caribbean paradise and painting nude girls.  What are the qualifications for this?

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The Best Sushi in the World

24 Jan

Does anyone have a better life than Anthony Bourdain?  His only “work” is to travel around the world eating and drinking all of the best things, and once in awhile saying something witty about the food.  That’s literally his job.  Like that’s probably the worst part of his life.  What he does in his free time one can only guess.  The only thing that keeps me and the rest of America from completely hating him is that he put in his time.  Before No Reservations, Bourdain toiled for decades in almost every restaurant job imaginable, working his way up from the fryer at a shitty Boston diner and rising to the executive chef at Les Halles in New York.  An admitted lifelong drug addict and alcoholic, Bourdain cleaned up his act and wrote an endlessly entertaining and controversial ode to the restaurant business, Kitchen Confidential, in 2000, and from there he skyrocketed to fame. Bourdain himself now admits how ridiculous it is that he gets to do that he does, and that makes his shows (he now has two, No Reservations and The Layover), all the more entertaining.  This post has nothing to do with anything in pop culture or relevant in any way, unless you enjoy delicious things like sushi.  This place in Japan (obviously), known to have the best sushi in the world, is on my life goals list, along with walking on the moon and marrying Mila Kunis.  Something tells me this one is the most likely to happen.